Books for Kids: Master List

I love to help my fellow moms and dads find great books for kids and every Monday I share a list of our favorite reads.  If you are looking for picture books to read aloud, chapter books to enjoy together or books for your emerging reader, I have a book list that will help you.

Book lists for kids

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Loads of lists! Picture books for kids

Books to Inspire Kids to Change the World (my most popular picture book list)
Books to Inspire Kids to Follow Their Dreams
Books to Inspire Inventors and Engineers
Funny Picture Books
Bedtime Books
Books to Inspire Artistic Creativity
Books with Multiracial Families
Picture Books for 6 Year Olds
Multicultural Picture Books for Babies and Toddlers
Books with Diverse Characters in Everyday Situations
Books set in New York City
Books featuring Latino American Characters
Science Fiction
Books that Challenge Gender Stereotypes
Books Starring the Moon
Winter Themed Books
Picnic Books
Books for Summer Reading
Wordless Books :: also take a look at my tips for reading wordless books with kids
Toddler Books I’ll Miss Reading
Books set in Paris
Quiet Classics
Jazz themed books
Construction-themed books
Picture Books about Baseball
Books about the Theater
Books Celebrating Screen-Free Life
Favorites of 2011
Favorites of 2012: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4
Favorites of 2013: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Favorite Picture Books of 2014: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
(Our) Best Books of 2015, Part 1; Part 2
Books about Snow
Books about Dots
Superhero Picture and Chapter Books
Dragon Picture and Chapter Books
Favorites from my Facebook Fans (includes chapter books)
Best Picture Books to Give as Gifts (divided by age)
Books about Civil Rights
Books about Trying New Things
Books about Rowdy Girls
Math books for babies and toddlers
Math books for preschoolers
Math picture books – for kindergarten through 2nd grade
Math books that make advanced concepts fun through stories
Diverse classic picture books

Books for Black History Month (guest post at No Twiddle Twaddle)
Interactive Books (guest post at hands on: as we grow)
Essential Board Books (guest post at Connecting Family and Seoul)
Books about Acts of Kindness (guest post at Coffee Cups and Crayons)
Picture Books for Hispanic Heritage Month (guest post at Artchoo!)
Books about Awesome Moms (guest post at The Measured Mom)

You might also enjoy our 5 Week Poetry Reading Challenge, or my post about 8 ways to include poetry in your family’s daily routine.

Poetry books that will make you love poetry
Culturally diverse poetry collections
Essential Poetry Collections (guest post at The Pleasantest Thing)

Celtic and Irish
Native (North) American
Latin American

easy readers banner 5a
Easy readers are books for kids who are learning how to read. If you are tired of listening to your kids sound out books about Thomas the Train and Dora check out some of these selections.

Easy Readers that are Actually Easy
Contemporary Easy Reader Books
Classic Easy Readers
Summer reading list for emergent readers

early chapter banner 4
These books are for kids who have graduated past easy readers but are not yet ready for middle grade fiction. The age range for these books is approximately 6-10 years and each list has books in the easy to difficult range.

Parents looking for this type of book may find my parent tips for choosing early chapter books useful.

Books for Kids Not Ready for Harry Potter (also includes Middle Grade choices)
Series with Boy Protagonists
Series with Girl Protagonists
Stand Alone Novels with Boy Protagonists
Stand Alone Novels with Girl Protagonists
Animal-themed Books
Friends and Families
Math-themed Books
School-themed Books
Summer-themed Books
Set in Paris
Science-themed Books
Superhero Early Chapter Books
Dragon Picture and Chapter Books
Multicultural Early Chapter Books
Books Parents Actually Buy
Adventure early chapter books
Selection of early chapter books for 5-9 year olds
Magic Early Chapter Books

Middle grade book lists.
Middle grade books are aimed at kids ages 8 to 12. Think: A Wrinkle in Time, Harry Potter and Holes. (See also, “READ ALOUDS”, below)

Books for Harry Potter Fans
Fairy tale chapter books (no princesses!)
Books that Teach Empathy
Banned Books Your Kid Should Read (also includes 2 picture book choices)
Chapter Books Written in Verse
Classic Books for Tweens
4th Grade Summer Reading List
5th Grade Summer Reading List
Classic Summer Reads for Tweens
Winter Chapter Books
8 Books for an 8 Year Old Boy (or Girl)
9 Books for 9 Year Olds
10 Books for 10 Year Olds
Books about Diverse (and Loving) Families
Chapter Books with an Old Fashioned Flair
Books about Theater
Mom’s Bookshelf: J Fic Edition
Books for Kids Not Ready for Harry Potter (also includes early chapter book choices)
Books for Black History Month

Book lists: classics for kids
I did a series of lists featuring 20th century book and chose 10 books for each decade. I selected a few well-known books, but primarily included lesser known titles to expose kids (and parents) to books they may otherwise have missed. The books range from early chapter books to middle grade fiction. UPDATE: I’m now working through the decades with picture books.

19th Century Classics
Classic Books from the 1900s
Classic Books from the 1910s
Classic Books from the 1920s
Classic Books from the 1930s
Classic Books from the 1940s
Classic Books from the 1950s (chapter books)
Books from the 1950s (picture books)
Classic Books from the 1960s (chapter books)
Books from the 1960s (picture books)
Classic Books from the 1970s
Classic Books from the 1980s
Classic Books from the 1990s

Book lists: read aloud chapter books
These are books I’ve singled out that are wonderful to read together. Children are able to understand read alouds at a higher level than their reading level. If you have kids with a large age gap, try my parent tips for reading to differently-aged kids.

Of course, all these books can be read independently, as well. Amy of Sunlit Pages wrote a wonderful guest post for me about helping young children learn to love chapter books.

Funny Read Alouds (chapter books)
First Grade Read Alouds
Read Aloud Chapter Books for 8-11 (2nd-5th grade) year olds
Chapter Books to Read to 4-6 Year Olds (This is my most popular list!)
Chapter Books with an Old Fashioned Flair
Books to Read During the Summer
Chapter Books for 3 year olds and Preschoolers
Great Audiobooks for Kids (chapter books)
Summer Read Aloud Books

Books lists: holiday books for kids
Is a holiday coming up? I’ve got a few suggestions!

New Year’s Day Books
Valentine Books
Halloween Picture Books about Self-Esteem
Halloween Chapter Books (includes early chapter books up to middle grade reading)
Multicultural Thanksgiving Picture Books
Thanksgiving Chapter Books
Christmas Chapter Book Read Alouds for Families
Swedish Winter and Christmas Books (in English)
Multicultural Christmas Books
Winter Picture Books
Books for Interfaith Families

nonfictionbanner 3
These books range from picture books to middle grade nonfiction.

Picture books about female scientists
Books for Kids Who Love Facts
Nonfiction Summer Reading List
Journals for Kids
Biographies of Amazing African American Women
Books for Women’s History Month
Books about rocks
Math reference books for elementary school kids
55 Science Picture Books (5 books each for 11 subjects)
President Books (that won’t make you snooze)

Science Picture Books (guest post at Pragmatic Mom)

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Please note: I strongly advocate you check out books from the library! However, all of my book lists contain affiliate links.