Greetings. I’m Erica.
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I’m an almost 40 41 year old, life-long theater geek, PhD-holding, California native turned Stay-At-Home-Mom. Did you get all that?

I like snail mail, cardamon, Tom Stoppard and pretending that I’m smart.

I live in teeny-tiny apartment in New York City with my husband and two rowdy, intelligent boys: Kiddo (9) and New Kid (5). We have No Yard, No Car and No TV.

Here at What Do We Do All Day? we find creative ways to fill the days of our adventurous, lovely and crazy urban life. I blog about the books we read, food we eat, places we go and a few extra thoughts just to keep you on your toes. To keep up with us be sure to subscribe to our Weekly-ish Newsletter.

All of my ideas are easy because — and I’m not ashamed to admit it —  I’m lazy.

Let’s stay sane together.

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