Game of the Month: Forbidden Island

Forbidden Island is a fun family cooperative game.

This month’s pick for game of the month is another cooperative game. Although we are a family that loves games, lately competitive games have been causing a bit of stress for my youngest son who has a really, really hard time losing! There are many ways to help everyone in the family enjoy game night (<—… Keep Reading →

12+ Classic Books for Tweens

Classic books tweens love.

Although the word “tween” is a new-fangled one, kids ages 9-12 can certainly appreciate a classic book.  My oldest son turns 10 in a few months and will be firmly in this group. While I don’t think there is a consensus on what makes a book “classic” I’ve decided, for purposes of this book list,… Keep Reading →

10 Indoor Active Art Projects for Kids

Boredom busters for rainy days. Fun active art projects that can be done indoors.

As I am currently navigating my youngest son’s disdain for all things art, I thought it would be a good time to resurrect some of the active art projects I did with his brother. The great thing about these art projects, unlike many active art activities is that they can all easily be done indoors, with… Keep Reading →

Halloween Coloring Page for Kids {Plus Giveaway}

Free, printable Halloween coloring page with puppets.

This new Halloween coloring page from children’s book illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg, marks our two year collaboration to bring you a fun coloring page each month. A boy in costume fishes for apples in the sink and the Halloween icons on the side can be turned into stick puppets for extended pretend play. I left a coloring… Keep Reading →

Books to Inspire Artistic Creativity

Books to inspire kids to make art.

With the advent of my “my kid hates art” series, a list of picture books to inspire artistic creativity seemed like the perfect accompaniment to my mission to get my son to enjoy art just a wee bit. Fortunately, the library shelves are full of books that will inspire creativity in kids. Leave your additions… Keep Reading →

12 Practical Life Activities for Kids

12 practical life activities for kids inspired by Montessori

When my older son was younger I discovered Montessori, and while I never strictly adhered to their activities and lessons, I tried loved the idea behind it and tried to incorporate it into our daily learning. I particularly found practical life activities a wonderful way to purposefully teach kids about “regular life.” The following are some… Keep Reading →

My Kid Hates Art: Tape Project

Project for the child who says "I hate art"

If your child has never told you he “hates art” or that “art is for girls”, consider yourself lucky. I’m embarrassed to say that is exactly what my 5 year old has been saying lately. The “for girls” part is especially annoying! I mean really. Where did he learn that nonsense? So I am on a… Keep Reading →

1970s Children’s Books {Picture Books}

10 classic children's books from the 1970s

This list of 1970s children’s books is meant as the picture book companion to my post about great 1970s chapter book classics that I compiled a few years ago as part of my series, Children’s Classics by the Decade in which I shared favorites from the 20th century. I think it is safe to say all… Keep Reading →