Learn to Read with Jokes: Laughter and Literacy Go Together

Using joke books to teach kids how to read.

I wrote earlier about how I stopped forcing my son learn to read. For the last few weeks he has been making steady reading progress on his own. Because the boys have been particularly interested in telling jokes lately I went to the library to find a few joke books. I picked up an easy reader… Keep Reading →

Ornament Coloring Page

Ornament coloring page. Free printable by Melanie Hope Greenberg.

My son loved this brand new ornament coloring page from Melanie Hope Greenberg. I left it on the table for him to find after school and he sat right down to do it! Print it out along with her interfaith ornament and Christmas tree coloring page and craft and your kids will be busy with the… Keep Reading →

(Our) Best Chapter Book Lists (of the Year)

The most popular and best chapter book lists for kids.

At the end of the year, one of my favorite things to do is look back at see what book lists you — my lovely audience — found useful. What I learned last year is that you love a good chapter book list. I understand that. With picture books, parents can quickly peruse the title… Keep Reading →

Easy Swedish Christmas Craft for Kids

Easy Swedish Christmas ornament craft.

All my life I have adored Swedish Christmas crafts and traditions, and these darling woven paper heart ornaments have always graced our trees.  This year our favorite Christmas book inspired my son and I to make a very easy, kid-friendly version of the Swedish woven heart. Originally I planned to do the actually weaving part with my kids,… Keep Reading →

Snowflake “Stained Glass” Window Project

How to make a snowflake stained glass window with cellophane and soap!

I am enamored with our new snowflake “stained glass” window! My kids and I love creating window art to improve our less than stellar view and one of our favorites is a faux stained glass art project that uses cellophane. Since we’ve done a fall themed stained glass window craft and rainbow window art it was time we did… Keep Reading →

(Our) Best Books of the Year (Part 3)

Best books

I love sharing our favorite new children’s books. This part three in a year long series in which I share what my kids and I consider to be the best books of the year. Be sure to peruse our 2014 favorite children’s books, part 1 and best children’s books, part 2 for more great titles,… Keep Reading →

Game of the Month: Gobblet!

Gobblet game is a strategy 4 in a row game. Tips for playing with kids.

Gobblet! is today’s Game of the Month recommendation. I bought this for the boys last year, and although we played it a lot in the beginning, it sat in the game closet for a few months until a few weeks ago. I’m not sure why we forgot about it, but it’s always a nice surprise to… Keep Reading →

Easy Hanukkah Crafts for Kids

Easy Hanukkah crafts for kids. Perfect last minute projects.

When it comes to crafts, I need simple crafts! Most of my crafty energy (what little of it there is) is stored up for last minute ideas! This list of easy hanukkah crafts for kids is one I am keeping on hold for the night before Hanukkah when I realize that it IS the night before… Keep Reading →