Space Alien Coloring Page

Free space alien coloring page from illustrator Melanie Hope Greenberg.

How are you doing so far this summer? Do you need a few coloring pages for an on-the-go busy bag? Pack a box of crayons, some blank sheets of paper and this space alien coloring page from children’s book author and illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg. Use it to start a conversation with your kids about…
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Campfire Coloring Page (And a Surprise Conversation)

Campfire coloring page

If your kids are off to camp this summer, or if you enjoy camping as a family, pack a printout of this month’s campfire coloring page to keep little hands busy. Children’s book author and illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg, graciously contributes a new coloring page every month and it’s hard to believe we have been…
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Library Coloring Page (and Summer Reading Log)

Library coloring page, free printable. Plus a free summer reading log.

Does your child love books and trips to the library? Melanie Hope Greenberg’s latest free coloring sheet is this darling library coloring page. Bonus: you can also print out the companion page to use either as a summer reading log or a blank canvas for free drawing. Perhaps your child would like to draw a picture…
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Butterfly Fairy Coloring Page (plus activity)

Free printable butterfly fairy coloring page activity

This month’s free coloring page from children’s book illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg is perfect for my 8 year old self — and doubly so because you can transform this butterfly fairy coloring page into a pretend play theater activity. I’ve always felt a little wistful about the fact that I can never interest my boys in…
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Spring Coloring Page and Rhyming Activity

Spring coloring page for kids with garden.

Is it spring, yet? My kids are stir crazy! This new spring coloring page by children’s book author and illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg has me dreaming of gardens and bunnies and most of all, watching my kids run madly around the park (as opposed to running madly around our tiny living room). It’s the latest…
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Darling Valentine Cards Coloring Page

Free, printable Valentine cards coloring page for kids.

Today’s addition to our coloring page series is one you will want to bookmark. This Valentine cards coloring page from children’s book illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg, eliminates the need for store bought cards. (Hooray!)  Plus, your child can decide either to color the cards himself or hand them out as is for the recipient to…
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Emotions Coloring Pages – Help Kids With Feelings

Feelings coloring pages for kids. 2 free printable sheets.

We’re back with another year of monthly coloring pages from children’s book author and illustrator Melanie Hope Greenberg.  These two emotions coloring pages are a good tool to help kids talk about their feelings. Or, even if your kids don’t like to spend hours discussing their emotional state (mine are pretty tight-lipped), they can at…
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City and Country Coloring Page

Free printable city and country coloring page.

This city and country coloring page from children’s book author and illustrator Melanie Hope Greenberg is the latest in our monthly series of free, printable coloring pages. Download and Print —> City and Country Coloring Page (By clicking on this link, you agree to our terms of service*, see below.) Both Melanie and I encourage kids…
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