Game of the Month: Tenzi

Tenzi is a fast paced dice game fun for kids

I’ve had my eye on the Tenzi dice game for a while now, and I finally broke down and bought it. I have a weakness when it comes to games, dontcha know. Tenzi markets itself as “The World’s Fastest Game” and game play is quite rapid, making it a fun choice when attention spans are short.

The rules of the game are quite simple: each player gets 10 dice. Players roll their dice simultaneously, inspect their hand and determine which number they will shoot for. Then, in rapid succession, players continue to roll their remaining dice until they all display the same number.

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Considerations for playing with kids:

  • Winning Tenzi requires speed, both physically (e.g. hand coordination) and the ability to quickly identify die numbers. This can be fun and cause lots of laughter, or it can cause tears for younger kids unable to keep up.
  • The recommended age is 7 and up. Younger kids can certainly play if they don’t get too frustrated with the speed.
  • The game comes with several variations, like stacking the dice, getting 5 of and one number 5 of another, or playing on teams.
  • I don’t have daughters, so I can’t comment on that, but boys can get quite rowdy when playing this game!
  • Play on a large table or the floor, since dice can roll off small surfaces if little hands get too aggressive.

How to play with a Preschoolers:

  • For my preschooler (age 4) I altered game play to eliminate the speed. Instead of seeing who could roll the dice the fastest, we rolled our dice together every time. Between rolls I helped him identify the right numbers.
  • Since we were not playing for speed, the game took on an educational bent. We worked together, counting dice, counting dots and counting rolls.

Have you played Tenzi with your kids? How do they like it?

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  1. I was eyeing this game too! I put it in my Amazon cart and then moved it to “saved for later.” I’m also tempted by Quiddler. Have you tried that one?

    • Erica MomandKiddo says:

      I had Tenzi in my “save for later” for about a year! I haven’t tried Quiddler, yet. While my son does like some word games, they are usually not his favorite so I tend to buy number games instead. It looks interesting, though.

  2. teachingyoungchildren says:

    First time I hear about this game. Right now Anna is quite crazy about Set, especially since she can beat me :)

  3. Set is an awesome game and one at which a young child may be legitimately better than parents and older siblings. Lately I have been reading a lot about subitizing, which is instantly recognizing an amount. It helps children develop abstract numbers and arithmetic strategies. Looks like Tenzi may be good for that.

    • Erica MomandKiddo says:

      We have Set, too. I really like it, but it hasn’t caught on with my older son, yet. One day I hope it will!

  4. GoodyearMom says:

    Thank you for helping me have fun with my kids today. They are 3 and 5. I found 6 die in the house so it didn’t cost me anything. They just enjoyed rolling and trying to get matches. I’m so grateful for the new idea. thank you, thank you!

    • Erica MomandKiddo says:

      I am so glad to hear this! When I was playing with my 4 year old, I thought that rolling dice was so entertaining, why had I not thought of it before?

  5. Looks fun! I haven’t heard of this game but I think my kids would love it!

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