12+ Math Art Projects for Kids

Both my boys enjoy math, but they often balk when I suggest, “let’s do an art project!” It’s sort of depressing for me, since I’d much rather get out the paints than perform calculations. My solution has been to make math learning creative  with math art projects.

Math art project idea for kids. Over a dozen ideas to inspire creativity.

I need to get better about taking photos of our math art sessions. Perhaps now that I have a new camera I can get some decent pictures. But I digress. Anyway…  I thought it would be fun to round up some math art ideas that we’ve tried, plus a few I’ve found on the internet that are in my virtual “to try” pile.

The best thing about all of these projects is that they will get math kids thinking about art and art kids thinking about math!

Tessellations. We’ve done this several times, and somehow it never gets boring.

Explore Symmetry.

Turn number sequences into art.

Use math tools to create art. This is one of my favorite ideas!

Explore math art with shapes.

What do your kids prefer, math or art? Need more ideas? Visit –> 25 Playful and Creative Math Ideas.

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  1. Love these ideas. Actually, I love incorporating art with all subject areas. :-)

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