14 Classic Outdoor Winter Activities for Kids

I am all about easy play ideas and these outdoor winter activities for kids and families are classics for a reason: they are simple, fun and never get old. Sometimes it’s nice to have a reminder of our childhood favorites to make sure our children don’t miss out.

Simple fun is best! 14 awesome classic winter play ideas.

When it’s cold and snowy outside, don’t stay in and get cabin fever, put on those hats, boots, and mittens (and scarves, and earmuffs, and long underwear, and …..)  and head out the door!

Fun Winter Play Ideas for Outside:

1. Make snow angels. Lie down on your back and make jumping jack motions. Get up carefully so you don’t smoosh your creation!

2. Build a snow fort.

3. Go sledding with friends.

4. Build a snowman. Or a snow woman Or a snow animal. Or upside-down snowman. Don’t forget to add a carrot and a scarf!

5. Have a snow ball fight! (No throwing at faces… that’s my rule.)

6. Make maple syrup candy in the snow.

7. Shake new fallen snow off of branches and bushes, or run your hand along the top of a fence, pushing off the snow. (I still love to do this!)

8. Blow frozen bubbles. That’s right. Bubbles are not just for summer. Here are my ice bubble instructions.

9. Make your own bird feeder. If you don’t have a yard (we don’t!) find out if your local park has a bird feeding station. We like to visit the bird feeders in Prospect Park and Central Park.

10. Shovel snow. Yes, it may seem like a chore to the grown ups, why not embrace it?

11. Build the largest snow ball in the world by rolling a ball continuously through the snow.

12. Catch snowflakes on your tongue!

13. Go ice skating.

14. Use your sandbox toys in the snow.

To get the whole family in the spirit, read a few winter picture books before (and after) heading outside!

Now get outside and make some family memories! These ideas not enough for you? Connect with me on Pinterest and peruse the Winter Activities for Kids board:


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  1. says

    Oh, you just reminded me I have to buy new sleds. I don’t want to see those sad faces when it finally snows a ton and the kids are forced to use cardboard or something barbaric to sled on. :)

  2. says

    We don’t have any snow yet but we’ll be using your list soon! My kids love sledding with hot chocolate afterwards. Even our dog loves it too! (The sledding not the hot cocoa!).

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