Handmade Paper Clip Bookmarks that Don’t Rip Pages

These handmade paper clip bookmarks I made for the boys are an easy gift for kids, perfect to include with a new book or to tuck inside a stocking at Christmas. Best of all, you don’t have to be particularly craft-y to make them!

Handmade paper clip ribbon bookmarks that won't ruin your book pages

I’ve seen paper clip ribbon bookmarks on the web and they are lovely, but my youngest son has trouble using them. Moving a paper clip from page to page offers a lot of opportunity for ripped pages and they are not easy for little hands to use. Plus, a handmade bookmark is so much nicer to use than that that tiny bit of paper you tore off the newspaper.

With this style, you fix the clip to the cover of the book, then move the ribbon from page the page. The best part is that you don’t loose the bookmark! It stays attached to your reading material and the ribbon is super easy to flip out of and in to the book! (Note: Items and materials below are affiliate links.)

How to make paper clip ribbon bookmarks:

These were so easy to make, they would be a great class gift for friends or teachers. But lest you think I’ve gone all rogue and original, I must confess this craft was actually inspired by a bookmark I saw in the New York Public Library’s gift shop. Now there’s a place I could spend a fortune!

What you need:

  • craft glue such as Tacky Glue
  • needle and thread (optional, but desired)
  • ribbon
  • paper clips such as mini spiral clips or large metal clips. I don’t recommend using colored clips since they are covered with vinyl, a material I avoid using as much as possible.

Supplies for handmade ribbon paper clip bookmarks


  1. Cut the ribbon the desired length. You want it long enough to hang out the bottom of book.
  2. Thread the ribbon through the clip and fold over the top tab.
  3. Glue the tab of ribbon down and tack into place with a needle and thread. If you truly want to avoid any sewing, you will want to weigh down the glued part until it dries.
  4. If you are using a ribbon that will unravel, fold over a small tab at the bottom and glue, or sew in place.

That’s it!

You can see in the photo up top I also made bookmarks with two ribbons. I am the kind of reader who likes to mark interesting passages and I need multiple ribbons for that!

To use the bookmark:

Slide the clip onto the cover. You may also want to catch a few pages in there as well. You do not remove the clip until you are finished reading the book! In order to mark your place, simply place the ribbon between pages. While you’re reading the ribbon can dangle off, but because it remains clipped, it won’t get lost! Great for kids, right?

You can also make a super simple version in 30 seconds:

handmade paper clip ribbon bookmark that doesn't rip the pages

More handmade bookmark crafts:

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  1. says

    What a great idea, thank you for sharing it. I am always losing my bookmarks. But I have to admit, the postage stamp bookmark is still my favorite, most likely because I used to collect stamps. I’ve passed these ideas on to friends with younger kids and I think there are some christmas presents in store for some reading folks.

    • Erica MomandKiddo says

      Thanks, Alex. I really love those postage bookmarks, too. They remind me of the countries I’ve travelled to.

  2. teachingyoungchildren says

    A full on craft tutorial? The world must be coming to an end :) Our “go to solution” is laminated art bookmark – we have about a zillion of them, so it’s not a big deal if one (or a thousand) get lost, but I like this paper clip idea.

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