New Year’s Kindness Resolutions for Families

As you know, I consider teaching my kids compassion and kindness one of my most important parenting responsibilities. The start of the New Year provides the perfect opportunity to begin a conversation about new ways we can show kindness towards others.

Make kindness resolutions with your family to start the new year off right.

Thanks to New York Life, who is sponsoring this post, I decided to focus our New Year’s Resolution conversation on ways we can be kind to other family members. Their series of videos about how families “Keep Good Going” were the perfect reminder to make resolutions that really matter.

Family Kindness Resolutions for the New Year

After school the kids and I started out by having a conversation about what things other family members did for us this year that we enjoyed. This was a fun way to remember the good times we had together. I asked the boys what each person did for them that they really appreciated. There was clearly a theme of spending quality time with each other! (Just a little reminder to us parents about what kids really want.)

Make kindness resolution cards with your kids

Then we talked about how we can use those examples to make resolutions to reciprocate that kindness. We went down the list, covering each grandparent, parent and sibling, choosing something we wanted to do for that other person.

Make family kindness resolutions with your kids

We decorated index cards and wrote down our resolutions. I had to keep the decorating simple since it’s not always easy to motivate my kids to do arts and crafts. New Kid got frustrated with the writing part quickly (he’s only 5) but Kiddo really got into creating his resolutions. It’s wonderful to see his empathy develop. I also love how my 8 year old wrote “N.Y.R.” on each of his cards!

Finally we collected all the cards together and turned it into a book (see top photo) to refer to throughout the year. I’m looking forward to 2014: the Year of Kindness!


As I said above, New York Life has created a series of videos inspired by families. In the one below a son reflects on the similarities he shares with his dad.

I quite like the tag line for this video:  “We are all a reflection of the good that came before us.” Indeed.

Join the conversation about ways to Keep Good Going by following #KeepGoodGoing and @NewYorkLife on Twitter.

Thanks again to New York Life Insurance Company for sponsoring this post and for encouraging us to look at all the good things our family can do.

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  1. What a fabulous idea! And you are right… that quote really says it all!

  2. Love this idea – & the idea of the book & looking at it throughout the year!! Definitely adding it to our list of things to do :)

  3. Focusing on kindness towards family members is such a wonderful idea for a New Year’s resolution! This book is now on our list for this year!

  4. What a wonderful New Years Resolution…for kids and adults!!

  5. Love this idea. Fabulous!

  6. I ADORE this idea!!!!! Adore! Adore Adore!

  7. teachingyoungchildren says:

    That is a really nice idea – and your kids did great with their resolutions. I hope you will all have a year full of kindness towards each other!

  8. What a sweet way to start the new year off right! Love it and that is a great quote from the video!

  9. Thanks for sharing this–it’s an important topic!

    • Erica MomandKiddo says:

      Thanks Belinda, I think so, too. It can get lost amidst all the hustle of the season. I liked taking the quiet time to sit down and chat with the kids.

  10. Those are some great ideas! It is important to remember family.

  11. I love this! I think we will be doing this as well. What a wonderful resolution book.

  12. Great idea Erica! It’s really thoughtful and engaging.

  13. “The Year of Kindness” – I like the sound of that! I love how the kids got involved in making resolutions :)

  14. I love the meaningful projects you come up with, Erica :) And this video is great! :D

  15. I love this idea, Erica! What a great post!

  16. This is a really nice idea. I love that it becomes a book. I might try this for our simple celebration tomorrow night!

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