Coloring Page: School and Pizza Parlor

This month’s free, printable coloring page from Melanie Hope Greenberg doubles as play scape material. Do your kids like to set up elaborate scenes with their blocks and toy cars? Cut out this cute school and pizza parlor, color and add to your child’s pretend play.

free printable building coloring page by Melanie Hope Greenberg

Download and Print: School and Pizza Parlor {Tip: print out on card stock and tape flaps together to help buildings stand up. I was out of card stock, though and office paper also worked for us.} Please read Terms of Use, at the end of this post.

school and pizza parlor coloring page free printableNote: this post contains affiliate links.

As you can see, New Kid was not interested in coloring his (that’s okay!)  colored his after this photo was taken, but he did love making up stories as he parked an ice cream truck in front of the school. (This is actually what happens at our school. I know! You don’t have to tell me how obnoxious it is to pass an ice cream truck every day at school pick up.) I’m not sure of the significance of the police cruiser in front of the pizza parlor. Maybe pizza is the new doughnut?

I love that he added in the little wooden traffic signs. My kids have gotten loads of use out of those signs over the years.

About the illustrator:
Melanie Hope Greenberg is an award winning author and illustrator of more than 15 children’s books. Her cheerful, vibrant illustrations can be found in books such as Good Morning, Digger, Down in the Subway and A City Is. Her most recent book, Mermaids on Parade was selected as a Bank Street Best Book, and for the Texas Reading Club and PBS Kids Summer Reading Lists.

Melanie’s art has also appeared in numerous magazines, on greeting cards and even mugs! She conducts workshops at schools, libraries and was an artist-in-residence at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art in Amherst, Massachusetts.

Visit Melanie’s Blog to find out how to link to her personal Amazon seller’s page or PayPal link and find out how you can get one of her books autographed. They make lovely gifts, especially for kids who might like diggers or mermaids. You wouldn’t happen to know any kids like that, would you?

Melanie loves to connect with parents, caregivers and kids on her facebook page or her blog, so stop by and say “Hi!”

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Terms of Use: You are welcome to download and print this coloring page as many times as you want for personal use. You may not upload this file to another website or database. All commercial use is prohibited. You are welcome to share this coloring page by sharing the link to this blog page. It is expressly forbidden to directly share the link to the document itself, thus bypassing this blog. The copyright to this coloring page belongs exclusively to Melanie Hope Greenberg.

This post contains affiliate links.

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