Motor Skills Activity: Giant Dot-to-Dot

Giant dot-to-dot activity for large and small motor skill activities

Large + Small Motor Skills Activity: Giant Dot-to-Dot!

A fun fine and gross motor skills activity is a giant dot-to-dot. You may remember New Kid working on his toddler dot-to-dot a few years back, and now he likes to get down with his marker on the floor.  I love the way a giant floor connect-the-dots activity gets him exercising both his small and large motor muscles together.

You don’t need to arrange the dots to reveal a picture when connected. I simply drew large dots and numbers in a random pattern on a large piece of butcher paper. For this particular puzzle, I used several colors, so it was easier for him to locate sequential numbers: 1-5 were blue, 6-10 were green and so forth. He enjoyed this activity so much he wanted to do it again, but I didn’t even need to make a new one, he simply chose a different colored pen.

A giant dot to dot gets kids exercising fine and gross motor skills

See how he needs to stretch, reach and move! New Kid’s occupational therapist informed me that working large groups of muscles is important for developing the small motor skills, that I should not limit our therapy exercises to just fine motor skill practice. Plus, I love that the giant dot-to-dot sneaks in a bit of counting practice, too!

Math + fine motor + gross motor = a Giant Dot-to-dot!

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    • MomandKiddo says

      I bought a large roll of butcher paper at Discount School Supplies. It’s lasted me several years. You can get through amazon, too, I think.

  1. says

    What a fabulous idea! I absolutely must try this. A great combination of fine and gross motor. I love that it’s a big scale. Makes dot-to-dot different. Thanks for sharing.


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