10 MORE Ways to Play with Toy Cars

In the wake of my very popular round-up, 10 Ways to Play with Toy Cars, I am sharing 10 MORE ways to play.

Ways to play with toy cars

Over the last five years of blogging, I’ve documented the funny and clever ways my sons have played with their cars, trucks, buses and trains.  Most of these ideas came out of free play and as parents you know that the simplest ideas are often the best. So, if your kids love toy vehicles, why not try one of these activities? Completely stress free, I promise.

Turn a cardboard box into a tunnel and drive vehicles through (or create a pile up!).

Build and race a homemade rubber band car.

Prove that beauty is a not requirement for fun and park them in a (very ugly) diy toy car parking garage, or a just use an empty box.

Sit at the table and give tiny cars a sponge bath.

Get out the blocks, create a city or make a few towers and stack them on Legos.

Cars are cheaper by the dozen: put them in egg cartons.

Do a little off-roading and take them to the park.

Explore geometry and form a grid with them.

Take them to the park and sink cars in a Bucket.

Gather the cars together and then sort them by color.

And finally, a bonus! One day I opened a box and put it out for recycling only to discover the boys had appropriated it as their newest road. Kiddo even said, “thanks, mom, for keeping this box for us!”

Use a cardboard box to make a toy car road

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