Using Children’s Books to Teach about Empathy and Grief

It’s so hard sometimes to talk to kids about tragedy and how to deal with tough emotions like grief. Picture books can provide a valuable entry point into conversations with young children.

childrens books about empathy and griefIn the wake of the awful tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary I decided to delay the book list I had scheduled for today and instead offer up (what I hope are useful) resources about using picture and chapter books to teach children about empathy and how to deal with grief in tough situations.

It’s not a book list, but at Scholastic you can find a article about Raising a Caring and Compassionate Child.

Some other resources you might find useful include:

Hug your children tight, read them a book and practice compassion.

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    Thanks for all the resources. Since we don’t have the habit of keeping a TV on, I didn’t share events in Connecticut with my daughter, but she is already very interested in the subject of death, and one book that I could recommend is Dinosaurs’ Guide to Death and Dying.

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