Mini Pumpkin Prints Art Project

Mini Pumpkin Prints Art Project

This week during the school holiday the boys and I took the opportunity to do one of our favorite easy fall-themed art projects: printing with mini-pumpkins. I blogged about this back in 2009, but it’s sort of a sad little post so I’m doing a re-fresh.

We bought a few mini-pumpkins on our way home from our birding trip to the park and when we go home sliced them in half.

Mini Pumpkin Prints Art Project

I covered the entire table with paper from a large roll. The boys chose a few autumnal themed colors, but of course you could choose pink and purple sparkly paints if you wish. Why limit yourself? Squirt out the paint onto a plate so you have a nice flat surface and stamp away!

Mini Pumpkin Prints Art Project

The boys decided it would also be fun to put paint on the bottom of whole pumpkins for stamping.

When we were done I ended up hanging the large sheet of now-decorated paper above the table on our empty wall. It makes some lovely seasonal artwork that adds a bit of autumn cheer to the apartment.

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  1. Stephanie Davis says

    I saw your post on Dirt & Boogers. I love this idea. I think I’ll try this next week with my twins. Looks like you are having so much fun with you little ones! It’s great to see.


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