Five Moon Activities for Kids

These moon activities for kids are simple ways to teach children about moon science, like phases and craters, while having some arts and crafts fun.

Moon activities for kids

Moon Activities for Kids

So many kids have a great deal of curiosity about what’s out there in space. My three year old has just started to chatter a lot about the solar system, so I thought it would be fun to pull out a few of our moon activities and projects to keep him occupied.

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Create a homemade moon phase puzzle. I love how this includes self-corrected learning and shows both the waxing and waning phases.

Make a moon viewer to project phases of the moon in a dark room. This is great for independent play, too.

Mark the moon phases on a calendar with office supply stickers. Cheap and easy, plus it works those fine motor skills!

Get crafty and decorate moons based on traditional moons, like the Harvest Moon or the Strawberry Moon.

Make moon craters in a dish of flour with pebbles and marbles. Yes, it’s messy, but that’s what vacuums are for!

Check out some more of my easy science activities on my Giant List of Indoor Activities for Kids.

Bonus Moon Activity: Read these books!
moon books for kids to spark their imagination about the night sky
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moon books for kids to spark their imagination about the night sky

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    Great ideas. We are doing our Moon unit this week and next week. We already did the flour/pebbles/craters activity. Love the moon phases viewer idea. I hope it is okay that I pin this.

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