10 Ways To Play With Toys Cars

My boys love to play with toy cars, trucks, buses, trains, diggers…. you get the idea. Over the years I’ve featured the myriad of ways they have found to engage with their toy vehicles. Some of the activities were initiated by them, some I set up with some simple materials. Do your kids love toy vehicles as much as mine do? Here is a round-up up 10 of our favorite ways to play.

10 Ways To Play With Toy Cars

UPDATE: Once you’ve exhausted this list, check out our list of 10 MORE ways to play with toy cars.

Ways to Play With Toy Cars
Ways To Play With Toy Cars
Ways To Play With Toy Cars
Ways To Play With Toy Cars
Ways To Play With Toy Cars

Make a Road and Habitat out of Poster Board (There are no directions in the link, but I used white duct tape to secure two heavy pieces of poster board together and painted the road and landscape with poster paint.)

Ways To Play With Toy Cars

Use a Canvas Drop Cloth and Masking Tape to Make a Road (cat optional)

My kids love toy vehicles so much I even started a Pinterest Board just for Toy Vehicle Play!

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  1. says

    I love this! My preschooler LOVES playing with cars and we have done our variation of some of these activities, but I definitely have some new ideas that I think he will absolutely LOVE. Thanks for this great post.

  2. becky says

    My grandchildren have a great time with our large bin of cars. Nana cut a large ramp from a sturdy cardboard box and taped the edge to the bottom stair in the basement with packing tape. We sit on either side of the ramp on the bottom stair and have races. This activity is enjoyed for long periods of time!

  3. Michelle says

    Feeling guilty here for stopping my kids from doing some of these on their own! Cars that have been taken outside or driven thru playdough often have their wheels gum up. But they have so many I might as well let them. And I always see the sensory tray thing but have not been brave enough to deal with the mess yet. Maybe this (rainy) afternoon…

    • Erica MomandKiddo says

      No guilt allowed, Michelle! :) The sensory tray is easier to clean up than you might think. Put a towel or newspaper underneath to catch the mess and you will be so thankful for all the free play your kids with have. You might even get a few minutes to kick back yourself!

  4. Becky Fowler says

    I am in my final week of my final semester of college and have decided that’s the perfect time to go screen-free (mostly because I’m crazy, but also because it’s Screen-Free Week 2014)! My 3 year old little man is very excited about these new play ideas for his cars!

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