10 Fun Bubble Activities for Kids

New Kid loves bubbles. It is one of the few things I can bring to the park and am guaranteed that he will join in the fun instead of running away (thus making me chase him all over the place — argh!). I’ve been doing a little internet scouting to find new bubble ideas and decided to share them with you.

What bubble activities have you tried? If you’ve posted about bubble activities on your blog leave a comment with the link so we can check it out!

Bouncing Bubbles at Play at Home Mom

Rainbow Bubble Snakes at Housing a Forest

Blowing Bubbles with a water bottle at Projects for Preschoolers

The Unpoppable Bubble and Inside-Out Bubble at Family Fun

Toddler Bubbles Sensory Fun at Hands On As We Grow

Blowing Bubbles with Kitchen Utensils at The Wonder Years

Chasing Colorful Bubbles Art at Childhood Beckons

Giant Homemade Bubble Wand at Monkey Lobster

3 Ways to Paint With Bubbles at Artful Adventures

All About Water Beads (well, it’s bubble-like!) at Teach Preschool

From this blog:
Bath Bubble Science
Homemade Beaded Bubble Wands
Frozen Bubbles

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  1. Great round-up! I need to remember to try your frozen bubbles this winter!

  2. Neat list! The unpoppable bubble looks intriguing (except the prep required).

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