Handmade Wrapping Paper

I love to use handmade wrapping paper to wrap gifts and kid made wrapping paper is lots of fun. This tape resist technique is great because it allows you personalize the present and also eliminates the need for a card if you are in a hurry.

Handmade wrapping paper that's personalized

Use low-tack tape (such as painter’s tape) to write the child’s name, initial or age. Madly color and scribble around the tape. Remove tape. Voilà!

Personalized handmade wrapping paper - so easy!

Needless to say, this technique works best with flat packages such as books or games. If the package is small, an initial or the child’s age is perfect.

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  1. Jessica says

    Fortunately, we are anti-social. We never get invited to anything 'cause we don't actually know many people.

    No. Seriously. We don't socialize w/ any real, live, living & breathing kids. Sure, we get the invitation to my best friend's kids' birthday parties–but technically, I don't think Ben actually talks to either one of them whilst in their company.

    Nonetheless…I'll try to remember this super cute idea (for the two parties we attend each year). :)

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