Make Your Own Connect the Dots Activity

Kiddo has shown an interest in handwriting lately but for a variety of reasons but I don’t want to teach him how to form letters yet. I’d rather work on his fine motor skills a bit first. Connect the dot activities, or “dot-to-dots”, however are a fun way to help him with his pen-wielding skills.

Make your own connect the dot activity

Due to my neurosis about not pushing representational art I didn’t want to give him pre-fab dot to dots that reveal a picture when completed. Plus, I don’t think it would enhance Kiddo’s experience of the process as it might for other kids. (That’s just his personal preference.)

Make dot to dots

I made some dot to dot worksheets by placing numbers randomly, or in patterns on paper. I made a bunch of them ahead of time so I could use them for a distraction activity when I needed to get something else done.

Although I used rubber stamps this time, I won’t be doing that in the future.

make your own connect the dots

It was too time consuming and I am against spending more time setting up a project than actually doing it! Geesh. Next time I will just write the numbers freehand!

He LOVED them!  Kiddo called it  “chasing the numbers”.

Make your own connect the dots for kids

He insisted I make more, including this giant dot to dot!

Giant connect the dots

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    I am right there with you in not wanting to spend more time setting up an activity than actually doing it. That makes it tough, because a two year old’s attention span almost dictates that will be the case. I like this idea. It’s similar to one of my favorite doodling activities – a single connected swirl all over the page.

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