Game of the Month: Perplexus

This month’s game recommendation is a bit different because it is a single player game. Actually, it is more of a puzzle than a game. However, both my kids are completely obsessed with Perplexus, so it makes the perfect choice for game of the month.

Kids love Perplexus and have an amazing amount of patience for this challenging maze game.

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The genius creation known as Perplexus is a three dimensional maze encased within a clear plastic globe. You manipulate a small metal ball through the maze’s twists and turns by gently rotating the globe. In the original Perplexus (what we have), there are 100 “barriers.” You can start the maze in one of three areas so it doesn’t seem so daunting to complete the maze all in one go.

Benefits to Playing Perplexus:

  • Rewards patience and perseverance. I am in awe over the amount of patience and perseverance both kids have demonstrated while playing Perplexus. It’s quite challenging, requires a lot of “going back to the beginning” but,  amazingly, the boys’ focus doesn’t waver and they attempt to complete the maze again and again.
  • Exercises fine motor skills. Manipulating the ball through the maze takes skill! The maze involves twists, turns, little buckets on swings, cliffs and spirals. Tiny movements have big consequences.
  • Increases spatial awareness. The 3-D nature of the game is the very opposite of screen time!
  • Your kids will be quiet. Except for the occasional, “Oh man!” and “Yes!” that will erupt while playing, I quite enjoy the intense quiet that surrounds the boys when they are in possession of the Perplexus.

Tips for Playing Perplexus:

I don’t really have any tips. Just give one to your kids and see what happens! There are several versions of the game. Although we will not be upgrading for quite some time, the Perplexus Epic or the Perplexus Twist are on the next level. There is a Perplexus Rookie, aimed at younger kids, but I notice the reviews feature a number of complaints about its quality. In any case, my 5 year old enjoys the original, even though the recommended age is 8 and up.

I’d like to hear from you! Do you have Perplexus? Do your kids like it? Do they seek out the challenge or do they get frustrated?

This is an interesting video on the science behind the game:

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    My kids got it for Christmas and have spent long hours playing. My kids are 4 and 6 and both have enjoyed it. And I also have! Even though it is a single player game, they usually play together: the older helps the younger in some difficult points, and they encourage each other to get further. None of us has still got the 100, so we keep trying

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