Indoor Snow Play: Toy Car Traffic Jam

When it’s cold outside, indoor snow activities are a fun way to enjoy winter with the kids without getting frozen toes. One morning the kids woke up to a snowy winter wonderland, eager to pop on their boots and get outside. The problem? It was 5 am. The solution? Indoor snow play.

Indoor snow play with toy cars

I scooped up some snow from the fire escape, brought it inside and spread it out on baking sheets. The boys created a snowy world for their transportation. We’ve brought snow inside before but anytime I can include toy vehicles in an activity it is sure to be a hit. The trucks with plows or scoopers saw a lot of action! Be sure to set towels down, but don’t worry, it’s just water so clean up is easy.

Indoor snow play with toy cars

(In order to make you feel good about your own laundry skills I used the grungiest towels I could find for this photo.)

Benefits of indoor snow play

This snow activity combines some of my favorite qualities:

Free: no fee for the white stuff!

Sensory Exploration: snow is cold and wet!

Observation of Nature: snow melts into water when you bring it inside.

Parent-free Entertainment: I love to enjoy my morning tea in peace with just a little background noise, don’t you?

Teaches Responsibility: kids can clean it up themselves.

No snow where you live? Try a rice sensory tray with cars or an exploding car wash.

kid books about snow

Of course every indoor snow activity needs a little reading time, wouldn’t you agree? Take a peek at my 5 favorite snow books for kids.


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  1. says

    I love resourceful, people, Erica. You are most DEfinitely a resourceful thinker :) Bringing snow IN is something I never considered, but I LOVE it! 😀 You’re the epitome of an “outside the box” thinker 😀

  2. says

    Great activity! We just brought snow inside and have been playing with it all week. I am excited about writing it up. Found you through Little Bins for Little Hands link up.

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