Christmas Coloring Page (Plus Activity)

This Christmas coloring page from children’s book author and illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg is so cute, and the detail makes it a great choice for older kids. Like all of our coloring pages, it’s free! (Thank you, Melanie!)

christmas coloring page by  melanie hope greenberg

Download and Print: Christmas Coloring Page

This sketch was originally designed for a holiday greeting card. Melanie has designed over 200 greeting cards! She got her start as a greeting card artist for UNICEF back in 1981. You can see more of Melanie’s artwork for greeting cards on her illustration blog.

Turn it into a Christmas tree activity: If your kids just want to color, no problem, if you want to extend the fun, turn the coloring page into a Christmas tree craft.

Free Christmas coloring page printable activity for kids

After coloring, cut out the rectangles. Cut a piece of green construction paper into a tree or draw a tree like I did – no comments on my lack of artistic talent, please. Glue the ornaments onto the tree. Easy peasy. Although, I’m a little afraid New Kid’s tree is going to list to the left!

Need more coloring pages to keep your kids busy over winter break? Try our interfaith ornament or maybe add this cute pizza parlor and school to your holiday building set-up!

Meet the illustrator:

Melanie Hope Greenberg is an award winning author and illustrator of more than 15 children’s books. Her cheerful, vibrant illustrations can be found in books such as Good Morning, Digger, Down in the Subway and A City Is. Her very popular Mermaids on Parade  was selected as a Bank Street Best Book, and for the Texas Reading Club and PBS Kids Summer Reading Lists.

Melanie welcomes parents to connect with her on Facebook. Melanie also visits schools to talk about the process of creating a book: you can read about that AND get 2 additional free coloring pages on her blog. Learn more about her internationally recognized art work at her official website.

I’m sure you know a kid who likes diggers. Or mermaids? Or subways? Melanie signs all copies of her books purchased through her Amazon vendor link.
{You can also click on a cover below and scroll through the third party vendors to find Melanie’s vendor link. Please note: book cover links are affiliate links. )


Christmas coloring page with ornaments, toys and Christmas tree. Free printable. and craft extension.

Terms of Service: You are welcome to download and print this coloring page as many times as you want for personal use. You may not upload this file to another website or database. All commercial use is prohibited. You are welcome to share this coloring page by sharing the link to this blog page. It is expressly forbidden to directly share the link to the document itself, thus bypassing this blog (that’s called stealing). The copyright to this coloring page belongs exclusively to Melanie Hope Greenberg.

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