Super Easy Hanukkah Dreidel Craft for Kids

This simple dreidel made out of recycled materials is a super easy Hanukkah craft for kids. Every child loves spinning the dreidel and like most kids who celebrate the Festival of Lights, my boys have a slew of dreidels. Nevertheless, it’s still fun to make your own (especially when it doesn’t take much effort!).

Easy recycled dreidel craft for Hanukkah

I must confess that there is a certain tune I hum at this time of the year. My husband tells me that the Dreidel Song is the most annoying song in the world and it is always the non-Jews (like me) who sing it as soon as Hanukkah is mentioned. Well, what can you expect? It’s catchy. Despite what my husband says, I encourage you and your kids to sing it while you put together your own dreidels!

Dreidel Craft Instructions:

Cardboard dreidel craft

All you need is a 3 inch square of thin cardboard (reusing a cereal box is perfect). Divide into equal triangles, print the Hebrew letters in the triangles and poke a short pencil through the middle. You can see above that I wrote the letters on a piece of paper first so my son could copy them.

Recycled cardboard and pencil dreidel craft

That’s it! You’re done.

Bring on the chocolate gelt!

Making dreidels with kids

We also made a pre-fab version. In general I am not a fan of pre-fab projects, but Kiddo received this one as a gift and it has been lurking in the holiday box for years. I guess its time had come.

I was secretly gleeful that the pre-fab didn’t work as well and as I had to do most of the work, the cardboard version was the winner.

“…and when it’s dry and ready, then Dreidel I will play….” I just can’t help it!

easy handmade dreidel craft

Need dreidel game instructions? Find them at The Pleasantest Thing.

Celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas? You’ll love these picture books for interfaith families:

kid books christmas hanukkah


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  1. another nice one, Erica :) How do they spin? They would probably make nice hanging decor, too, I bet :D

  2. Love the simplicity of this!

  3. Perfect craft for little hands. I am really looking forward to Hanukkah and to my parents’ visit.

  4. Featuring your post this week on BMTM!!

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