Ocean Coloring Page with Fish Puppets

ocean coloring page with fish puppets

Ocean and Fish Coloring Page

This month’s free printable is an ocean coloring page with little fish you can turn into puppets! Melanie Hope Greenberg’s sea life scene includes cute little crabs, turtles and even a treasure chest. The best part?  The coloring page doubles as a storytelling activity and prompt.

Download and Print: Ocean Coloring Page

Free, printable ocean coloring page with fish and sea life puppets

After you print and color the ocean scene, cut out the fish in the sidebar and glue them to wooden craft sticks. I also glued the main sea floor scene to cardboard to create an impromptu theater backdrop. New Kid had a grand time making up all sorts of stories with his new fishy friends.

If you missed last month’s mermaid paper dolls coloring page based on Melanie Hope Greenberg’s book Mermaids on Parade, you absolutely should head over and print it out. I’m pretty sure King Neptune and Queen Mermaid would feel right at home in this colorful under-the-sea resort.

About the illustrator {affiliate links below}:

Melanie Hope Greenberg is an award winning author and illustrator of more than 15 children’s books, including the very popular Mermaids on Parade. A wonderful book to read aloud while your kids color their ocean is Down in the Subway, written by Miriam Cohen and illustrated by Melanie. The story follows Oscar as he begins a train ride with his mom and baby brother. But instead of the usual commute, he and his fellow passengers are awed as an Island Lady and Calypso Man fill the air with their music and poetry. As they sing and play ocean breezes and seaside life magically take over the car.

Visit Melanie’s official website or like her facebook page to learn more about her work and other books.

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