Exploding Toy Car Wash

It’s always been a bit surprising to me that our bubble bath toy car wash is by far — by far — the most popular indoor kid activity on this blog. It’s so simple, right? Yet, oh-so-effective at keeping my boys occupied and out of my hair for a spell.

Keep your kids busy with a fizzy-sizzy toy car wash

Today I’m sharing a twist on our activity: an exploding car wash using baking soda and vinegar.


So it doesn’t actually explode. But when I told my boys we were making an exploding car wash it sure got their attention.

The plan is simple: Your kids select some toy vehicles (or animals, or tiny people – whatever!). Dump baking soda in a tray or bucket. We went ahead and poured in the entire box (we like to live on the edge). Make sure you let your kids play around with the plain soda for a while — no need to rush things, after all, you’ve got an entire day to fill.

Fizzy toy car wash keeps kids busy

My boys pretended it was snow and enjoyed making tracks.

When their attention starts to wander, it’s time for the vinegar. (Make sure to buy the gallon size!) You can either pour it from a measuring cup or straight from the jug.

Fizzy car wash keeps kids busy

There will be fizzzing. And sizzing. And bubbles. And overflowing (do not forget the towel). And “whoa-ing.”

Feel free to pour in more soda and vinegar once the bubbles subside, but the soggy left-over soda in the tray also provides some good sensory entertainment.

We did this inside. Long time readers (you are the best) know I’m not afraid of making a mess, but if you have a porch or yard, more power to you: take it outside.

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Keep your kids busy with this fizzy indoor/outdoor activity from whatdowedoallday.com

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  1. Oooh, I think this would be a great idea to do in the shower and sneak in a little bit of grout scrubbing at the same time… ;-)

  2. Whoa! I am sure I will have a lot of “Whoas” from my boy too :)

  3. Love it! I will definitely be doing this with my boys. I have pinned to my Things That GO! Board and shared through G+ too.

  4. SUPER FUN!!!! I cannot wait to set this up!!!

  5. Oh my, that looks like fun!!!

  6. My son loves anything to do with baking soda and vinegar. Adding cars is a great idea {especially the waiting on the vinegar part}. Off to check out your other sure-to-be-brilliant car ideas!

  7. I think this is spectacular. I don’t know why we have never washed the small cars, just the big ones outside. And the vinegar and baking soda, that’s genius. Pinning!

  8. This is fantastic! Thank you so much! My five year old son saw it over my shoulder today and had to do it immediately even though we only had a small amount of baking soda on hand… guess I have something add to the grocery list! Thanks again!

    • Erica MomandKiddo says:

      It’s a good think Baking soda and vinegar is cheap, Kimberly, because we have been going through tons of it! I hope you have fun!

  9. I just wrote a blog about the five easiest pinterest activities for toddlers and tested them all. Yours made the list and we really enjoyed it!! It was my favorite and I gave it A+! Check it out!

  10. Thanks for linking this fun idea to Tuesday Tots. I’ve featured it this week :)

  11. Fun! My son loves cars and vinegar and baking soda are always a hit! Pinning to our vehicle board!

  12. This is such a fun idea! I just wanted to let you know that I am adding this to my Transporation activity roundup at Simply Creative Kids if you don’t mind.

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