DIY Obstacle Course for Toy Cars


DIY toy car ramp with building block obstacle courseYou know that my boys love toy cars right? Way back in 2008, I shared our DIY version of a toy car ramp made from a baking sheet propped up on a pile of self-help books. It is such a great activity for kids who like toy vehicles because it is super easy (i.e. my favorite quality) to set up and you can use items you already have at home.

Well, we went all out this time and we dressed up that car ramp with another baking sheet and our awesome magnetic Tegu Blocks to fashion an obstacle course! The nice thing about Tegu Blocks is that because they are magnetized, he could build vertical structures that would stay standing on the sloped portion of the ramp. If you don’t have Tegu Blocks, you could easily use any  magnetic item. Think how much fun it would be to make a racing course using magnetic letters to line pathways!

Homemade car ramp for toy cars with building block obstacle course

Later, my four year old took some of the magnet tin cans from our homemade magnet building set to use as traps for cars that he raced down the ramp. He also used cardboard tubes as tunnels.

And might I add: Yes, my baking sheets are sort of gross looking. I also let them use stuff from the kitchen I may end up using for dinner (in case you are wondering, I wash it!). However, I like to think that by showing you that my things are not pristine and pretty that you will feel better about your own housekeeping skills. I’m a little lazy when it come to scrubbing grease of my pans. I’d rather be reading.

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  1. Samantha Lehmann says

    I have not tried this with cookie sheets – I use them for magnets and writing… but we use the trays from fast food places we have here … I confessed… the Montessori trays. We have these tiva blocks – what a great idea… just wanted to share – we have those blocks – they were the ones Frank Lloyd Wright played with exclusively as a boy. I love the weight and the sandstone. Yep… an early purchase for our future “architectural geniuses” …. no pressure.. and they are in a bag with all the blocks.. unplayed with… but they are really neat.. we are pulling them out for Greece and Rome…. maybe Knossos palace….


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