Easy Valentines for Your Preschool Friends

Easy valentines for preschoolers and kids to make

Preschool Valentines:

I know that valentine ideas have been floating around for the last month. But those cards are for those of you who are organized (bless you). If you are like me, you need a last-minute, easy valentines idea for those preschool valentines your kid needs to take to school for his 18 friends and 4 teachers. Well, you’ve come to the right place. In the past we’ve gotten a little crafty with handmade valentines, but this year we kept it super-duper easy.

We made these simple, easy valentines in less than 30 minutes. No doilies, no glitter, no special art supplies needed. I will share my secret:

Simple preschool valentines made by scribbling

First I covered our table with a large piece of paper. OK. I realize a roll of butcher paper could qualify as a “specialty item.” But you can use regular construction paper or white office paper instead.

Next, I set out an assortment of crayons, markers, pencils, and pastels (use whatever you already have) in Valentine colors and instructed New Kid to “scribble like mad.” He covered the whole paper. It was so fun, I even joined in myself, as did his 8 year old brother.

Trace heart valentine template

Third, fold the paper accordion style (or stack individual sheets) and trace a heart template. (I printed out this heart template.) Cut out as many hearts as needed. (New Kid has trouble with scissors but if your kid can use scissors, have them do the work!)

And that’s it! We I wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day!” on the reverse side with each recipient’s name. You could fold them, or put them in an envelope if you like. I think they are quite cute and fun as they are but if you are feeling ambitious your child could even glue them to a square of colored paper.  I don’t feel particularly ambitious when it comes to an item which is most likely going to end up in 18 different recycling bins; on the other hand, I may just be looking for a way to validate my laziness.

Easy last minute valentine cards for kids


Simple valentines for young children to make in bulk.

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    • MomandKiddo says

      I know! Easy-peasy! I cannot deal with all those beautiful-yet-complicated-and-time-consuming valentine crafts all over the web — even though I pin them to my pinterest board. haha!

  1. Jen says

    I can’t believe you are supposed to make something for everyone in your child’s class – seems like an extreme form of torture to me.

  2. says

    We made valentines like these one year. We used a food warming tray to make melted crayon “scribble” pictures. It’s really an easy activity, and the valenties look interesting and beautiful!

  3. says

    That is easy, but my 2 son would love it. Actually, all my kids would actually enjoy it. Sometimes the most simple things are the best.

  4. Ulla says

    I just spend quite some time at the Valentine’s Day card rack at Target and could not justify spending a minimum of $15 on cards for preschoolers who don’t care in the first place. This idea is so simple yet awesome. We’ll get busy making these tomorrow!!

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