Free Interfaith Ornament Coloring Page

I am so pleased at the coloring page kid lit author/illustrator Melanie Hope Greenberg has shared with us today! It’s an interfaith ornament with symbols from Christmas and Hanukkah, plus a peace dove for good measure.

Multicultural ornament coloring page for I

 Even if you only celebrate one holiday this season, no one can argue with peace, right? So download, print it out and get coloring. After you’ve finished be sure to read a few picture books for interfaith families that celebrate both Chanukah and Christmas.

hanukkah ornament coloring page
New Kid and I had a good time making these ornaments and Melanie has conveniently included instructions right on the coloring page.

hanukkah ornament coloring page
If you are in New York City this weekend (Dec. 9th) you can meet Melanie at the Hip Tot Music Fest, who will be reading from her books and listening to Bob McGrath play his guitar. Remember him? Uh, hello! He was only one of the four original humans on Sesame Street!

About the illustrator:

Melanie Hope Greenberg is an award winning author and illustrator of more than 15 children’s books. Her cheerful, vibrant illustrations can be found in books such as Good Morning, Digger, Down in the Subway and A City Is. Her latest book, Mermaids on Parade was selected as a Bank Street Best Book, and for the Texas Reading Club and PBS Kids Summer Reading Lists.

I recently attended an author-illustrator workshop that Melanie conducted for school children at the Brooklyn Public Library. I learned so much about the process of making books and the secrets behind her book, Mermaids on Parade. Melanie conducts these kind of workshops all over the country and was an artist-in-residence at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

But the best way to learn about Melanie is to read one of her books, of course!

Visit Melanie’s Blog to find out how to link to her personal Amazon seller’s page or PayPal link and find out how you can get one of her books autographed. They make lovely gifts, especially for kids who might like diggers or mermaids. You wouldn’t happen to know any kids like that, would you?

Melanie likes to connect with parents and kids and invites you to friend her on facebook.

(scroll through third party vendors to find Melanie’s vendor link)

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