Fine Motor Skills Practice With Acorns

5 ideas for Fall Fine Motor Fun!
On our way home from school yesterday Kiddo and New Kid spotted a treasure trove of nature’s finest manipulative: acorns. Perfect for fine motor skills practice!

Fine Motor Skills Practice with Acorns

We brought them home and of course the first thing we had to do was wash them. They were collected from an urban sidewalk afterall and we have all kinds of nature in the city.

Washing them proved to be very entertaining for New Kid and he spent lots of time swishing them around in a tub of water, spooning them out and making up stories about tugboats.

Fine Motor Skills Practice with Acorns

Next he sorted them into an ice cube tray.

Fine Motor Skills Practice with Acorns

He giggled as he aimed them into a muffin tin through a cardboard roll.

Fine Motor Skills Practice with Acorns

He poked them through holes cut into the top of a yogurt container (you may recognize that container from a certain pom pom activity we’ve done in the past).

Fine Motor Skills Practice with Acorns

But I think his favorite way to play was running an acorn delivery service for the neighborhood squirrels.

Acorns. Who knew?

Kids can work on fine motor skills with acorns in the fall.

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