Halloween Picture Books About Self-Esteem

It must be something about dressing up, the chance to be someone other than yourself, because while looking for Halloween books in the library I chanced upon a common theme in a number of Halloween picture books: self-esteem and finding one’s identity.

Picture books for Halloween that focus on Self-esteem

Are you also looking for chapter books? Try these fun Halloween chapter books. (Please note: Links to books, including covers, are affiliate links.)

Here are 5 I liked best.

The Bumpy Little Pumpkin. I adore this sweet book about the youngest witch of three sisters who wants to make a jack-o-lantern out of not-so-perfect pumpkin. Her sisters poo-poo the idea, but a few friendly animals help her out.
The Ugly Pumpkin. What’s a pumpkin to do at Halloween when he doesn’t look like all the other fellows? No one wants him around. As it turns out, it’s best to wait until Thanksgiving when you will discover your real peer group!
The Hallo-Wiener. When you’re a wiener dog it is pure torture to have a mom make you wear a hot-dog costume! Of course your friends will make fun of you! But don’t worry, they’ll come around when they realize you how brave you are. Author Dav Pilkey is truly one of the funniest people on the planet.
A Tiger Called Thomas. Renowned picture book author, Charlotte Zolotow penned this lovely story of the new kid in the neighborhood who is too shy to meet his neighbors until he dons a tiger costume. When he discovers that his neighbors all know him despite the costume the result is heartwarming. This book is out of print, but is so wonderful it’s worth hunting down from the library.
Excuse Me Are You a Witch? A lonely little black cat discovers her real place in the world… with a little help from the library.

So what do you think, do kids naturally have identity crises at Halloween?

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  1. I am Bullyproof Music says

    This is fantastic! Am going to pin, tweet etc. SO creative an approach to Halloween! We have a Scary Guy Halloween song and lesson that is self esteem based. Will be fun to pin this and our tune and videos as resources for other teachers all in one place! Self esteem Halloween– woot toot! It even rhymes. And a happy “boo!” to all :-)

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