Cellophane Craft: Colored Glasses

Need a quick distraction or craft for your toddler or preschooler? It’s nothing fancy, but lots of fun. You can easily give your kid a new perspective on the world by fashioning colored viewers. For more quick ideas visit my Indoor Activities for Kids list. 

Toddler and preschool activity :: make colored glasses out of cellophane
We love cellophane. We’ve used it for window art, to learn about color mixing and in art projects. My son loves these colored “glasses” craft we made. He wanders around the apartment telling me how “everything is purple!” or “everything is green!”

What you need:

Easiest craft instructions in the world:

Cut squares of cellophane, affix to roll with rubber band.

Have fun looking at the world with a new perspective!

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    Love this! We have cellophane lying around, (we share your obession I guess)and I'll be pulling this idea out next time we're stuck indoors on a rainy day! Thanks for linking up to the Weekly Kid's Co-op. Each Friday, I feature my favourites from the week's link up. I would love to feature this post. Would you be happy for me to do that and use the above image on my post? I would link back to this post and your homepage. I hope you will consider it!

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