Fun Math Card Game: Make 10

Here’s an easy to play and fun math card game which teaches kids ways to make 10 with addition. Kiddo discovered Games for Math in the library bag and immediately grabbed it. Really! I love that I have not even had to look at the book; he has been reading it cover to cover and detailing instructions for the math games he would like to play with me.

Card Game: Make Ten

Here are the instructions for a simple game we played last night called “Make Ten”: After removing the face cards from a deck of playing cards, each player chooses 5 cards. Using the 5 cards create as many equations as you can in which the sum equals 10.

For example, using the cards in my hand you see above:


Once I was able to use all five cards at once: 8+5+3-5-1=10. Kiddo thought that was terrific. You don’t necessarily have to write the equations down but Kiddo enjoyed doing that as part of the exercise.

Keep a deck of cards stashed in your purse and this would be a great travel/waiting/restaurant game.

This is probably not the last time you will see games from this book on this blog!

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  1. I can certainly see this post being in top 10 next year based on its title :) This is a great idea!

  2. Love Kiddo's intellectual passions. Looks like he's doing great with math!

  3. super fun game!! would you want to be a guest author (use this post) on our homeschool co-op blog?

  4. oh, and BTW, we got “double shutter” per your recommendation at Christmas. loved by all in our house..including the toddler.

  5. Oooooh, me likey. Will hafta give this one a whirl!

  6. I love how kiddo is leading the way with this math game! Kids being excited about learning makes me smile.

    We will definitely play this game. Thanks for the recommendation.

  7. My son would LOVE this! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Love how engaged your child is in his learning! Hope my little boy is that excited about learning when he is that age.

  9. I've heard a lot of good things about that book, and I think it's fantastic that your Kiddo is so excited about learning! Especially math!


  10. This looks like a fun math game!! I'll have to show it to Little J.

  11. Thanks for linking up to Afterschool!

  12. I think my kids would love this book. I just requested it from the library. Thanks for the recommendation!

  13. Oh I just love your educational resources! I would love for you to share your stuff on my site via my weekly homeschooling on the cheap linky:

  14. Love this book…and all her books!

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