A Wall of Thankful Leaves

It’s time to change up our Giving Thanks at Thanksgiving tradition. For the past two years we’ve had a thankful tree, but this year I wanted to do something different.

Countdown to Thanksgiving by recording blessings on crafed leaves.

We made these newspaper leaves for a wall display and everyday in November we will choose one and write down what we are thankful for. So, by Thanksgiving we should have a whole wall of blessings.

New Kid helped me slap some autumnal colors on newspaper.

I would have also used yellow, but we were out. Very oddly, the red paint in the bottle had turned pink. Cheap paint, I guess.

I cut them in to what I hope are leaf-like shapes and attached them with painter’s tape. I’m sure someone more artful than I could create a beautiful display, but I rather like their ruggedness. Since I haven’t yet rehung our artwork after repainting the living room, the empty wall was happy to be decorated.

In case you are interested, I got the idea of painting newspaper from the window display of a local wine shop. Somebody working there must be an artist because there is always some crazy fantastical display in the window. This month the display was rather tame: a bicycle going on a picnic in a whirlwind of colored newspaper leaves. I loved the effect of the paint on newspaper and wanted to figure out a purposeful way of doing that at home. VoilĂ 

Extra Credit Reading (in addition to Multicultural Thanksgiving picture books) :

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  1. I love the newspaper idea!

  2. The newspaper gives such a nice texture (not sure that's what I should be calling it, but can't think of a better word) to the leaves. We need to start a thankful wall, too.

  3. Oh, what a great way to repurpose newspaper! Although we're not perfect in our recycling, we like to reuse things if we can't recycle them (or do both).

  4. Nice way to reuse newspapers! I am curious to see what will be written on them by Thanksgiving time.

  5. How clever using the newspaper – that looks super neat. And I look forward to checking out the books I haven't ready =-) ~Beth

  6. I think these are just stunning! Thanks for sharing on the Discover and Explore linky!

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