Homemade Toddler Lacing Activity

My toddler loves to lace beads on a string. Despite his fierce determination, his fine motor skills are not quite ready for little holes and so he screams, “need help!” at me the entire time. He needs a toddler-friendly lacing activity.

I put together this homemade lacing activity for him. I cut up a paper towel roll for the “beads” and used a large ribbon, the ends of which I cut into points using pinking shears (for easier threading). For good measure I fixed a square of cardboard at one end so the “beads” would not slip off.

Just right for little hands with lofty goals.

**I wish I could have gotten a photo of his efforts, but whenever I bring out the camera New Kid stops what he’s doing and yells, “camera, camera!”

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  1. Anonymous says

    I did this for my students (2 year olds) but I had them decorate the “beads” with construction paper and glue, we turned them into necklaces to give to their mommies. It was cute and a great idea considering it was raining all day today

    -Alyssa, TX