The Amazing Rectangle

Funny how the boys’ fighting inspires  some creative intervention on Mom’s part. The boys were fighting over some ridiculous toy which Kiddo wanted to use as something over which he could jump. So instead I put a rectangle of tape on the floor for him to jump over. Now I call it the Amazing Rectangle.

Things you can do with a rectangle of tape on the floor:
Jump over it.
Jump in it.

A tape shape on the floor makes amazing and simple entertainment for kids!

Jump around it. (Hi, downstairs neighbors!)
See how many times you can bounce a ball in it.

A simple rectangle of tape on the floor is a great idea for indoor play!

Race cars around it.
Race cars through it.
Use it as a start or finish line.

What do you think your kids would do with a rectangle of tape on the floor?

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  1. amandab says

    What and amazing rectangle that is! Maybe one of those jumping games like you do with elastics? If only I could remember the words …

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