Spin, Spin, Spin: Active Art Project

My son loves art that is active! He likes his creative projects to include shaking or rolling or squishing. Here’s a fun idea that uses spinning.

Make spinner art with creative and  active kids

I have seen spin art created in a salad spinner on several blogs, including Let’s Explore and The Artful Parent. I thought it was high time I stole borrowed the idea for myself. I had been stalling because I would either have to sacrifice my salad spinner or go pick up a new one. Since I realized I would never do it unless I made the sacrifice, that was what I did. Fortunately, they are only 7 bucks at IKEA.Salad spinner art project for kidsI highly recommend using WASHABLE paint for any indoor art projects, esp. when you must do art in your tiny apartment. It’s not the clothes, but the furniture that I think about.paint used for spin artIt was a challenge to get Kiddo not to empty the whole bottle of paint in one go.Spinner art project for active kidsWe discovered that making swirls and various blobs of paint made for a more interesting result that one big, gigantic blob.Spin art is a fun active art projectThe spinning part was really entertaining.making spin artWe used regular art paper, but I think that thicker card stock might be better. Or paper plates cut to size. Our paper sometimes folded in on itself during the spinning process.Revealing the spin art product It didn’t affect the beauty of the product or the process, though.Spin art heartsBoth Kiddo and Mom say, “OOooooooo!”Spin art project for kids using a salad spinner We will be doing this again.

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  1. says

    I know CJ would love that. Now to figure out where to get a cheap one as we don’t have Ikea- hopefully SuperTarget will come to my rescue. I love Discount School Supply- I was just thinking I needed to get an order together to help us while away the days while Rose is still so small. Does Kiddo have any favorite amusements?

  2. Sherry says

    This is one of those things I’ve wanted to try, but forgotten all about. Thanks for the reminder; it looks like a lot of fun. We will definitely be doing this soon. :)

  3. Julie says

    yes – that’s something I want to “borrow” too. :)

    BTW, why didn’t you want to use your spinner? Did the paint stain the Ikea one? or is it paint chemicals that worry you?

  4. angella says

    i love it! thanks for sharing. i will be doing this with my 16 kiddos in my class. i am your huge fans now 😀


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