Science with Kids: Salt Volcano

Salt volcano science project for kids is like a lava lamp.
Recently we tried a new (but classic) science project: Salt Volcanoes.

It’s supposed to be a little like a lava lamp, and although Kiddo really enjoyed observing the process.


1. Pour several inches of water into a jar.

2. Add about 1/3 of vegetable oil.

3. Drop in food coloring and observe what happens.

4. Shake salt on top of the oil/water/food coloring mixture. Observe, observe, observe.

5. Pour or sprinkle more salt, as desired. Your child may want to touch it. (Tip: Have towels handy.) I sort of did myself, but Kiddo doesn’t really like to get his hands messy.

I find it difficult to find just the right science activity for a going-on-4-year-old. It has to include lots of hands on steps like pouring and mixing as well as almost instantaneous results. For example, soda and vinegar is the perfect kind of instant gratification. I haven’t had too much luck with the books in the library because they are either for older kids or not exciting enough for Kiddo. He’s not so into the scientific concept, if you know what I mean.

I’ve found these to be useful books when searching for science play ideas:

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  1. says

    CJ has no interest in concepts either. I’ve been looking for a good science book myself to no avail. Be sure and post if you find anything Kiddo really likes, and I’ll keep looking too. Hopefully one of us will find something decent!

  2. Haley says

    Look forward to trying! You should try the exploding bags with baking soda and vinegar. So much suspense and giggles and i did with 2 and 4yrolds.

  3. Erica MomandKiddo says

    I love that idea, Haley. We’d have to do it at the park, though since we don’t have a yard.


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