What Do Stay At Home Moms Do All Day?

If you are a stay at home mom, I bet you’ve been asked that question a lot. And I bet if you are a working mom you know that all kinds of moms have plenty of child-rearing tasks to fill their days!

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Here’s how I answer when someone asks me “what do you do all day?”:

learn exploreWe explore and learn! We live in a teeny-tiny apartment and make use of this Giant List of Indoor Activities for Kids. Our activity ideas are easy because I’m a lazy mom and sometimes want my kids to be able to entertain themselves. Don’t you? We love living in the BIG CITY where the whole world is our backyard.


readWe read together! Every Monday we share a new book list filled with titles parents will love to share with their kids. Looking for a Chapter Books to Read to Your Preschoolers and 3 Year Old? A 20th Century Classic? How about some new picture books so you can get a break from The Cat in the Hat? I’ve got you covered. Find all the lists in our handy index of book lists.


play gamesWe play games! We have a closet full of games but we like to make up our own, too! Visit our Game of the Month series to see what games we love (and to learn my tips for playing when you have small children at the table), our math games posts for DIY play or my Games for Kids Gift Guide.


snackWe eat! I consider myself snack-challenged. When I find a new and EASY TO MAKE (this part is very important) snack I share it with you. Check out our 5 easy and healthy after school snacks to get a taste (pun intended!). We also have kitchen adventures where fun learning takes place.

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what do stay at home moms do all day