Indoor Snow Play: Toy Car Traffic Jam

Indoor snow

When it’s cold outside, indoor snow activities are a fun way to enjoy winter with the kids without getting frozen toes. One morning the kids woke up to a snowy winter wonderland, eager to pop on their boots and get outside. The problem? It was 5 am. The solution? Indoor snow play. I scooped up… Keep Reading →

Fun Math Activity: Parking Lot Addition

So fun for kids who love toy cars! Parking lot math.

Finding fun math activities for my Kindergartener is high on my to do list these days and if I can find an indoor activity that combines math and toy cars, well then… score!  This parking lot addition game was the perfect entertainment on a recent weekend morning. My youngest son is rapidly following in his mathematics-loving brother’s… Keep Reading →

Exploding Toy Car Wash

Keep your kids busy with a fizzy-sizzy toy car wash

It’s always been a bit surprising to me that our bubble bath toy car wash is by far — by far — the most popular indoor kid activity on this blog. It’s so simple, right? Yet, oh-so-effective at keeping my boys occupied and out of my hair for a spell. Today I’m sharing a twist… Keep Reading →

DIY Obstacle Course for Toy Cars

DIY toy car ramp with building block obstacle course

  You know that my boys love toy cars right? Way back in 2008, I shared our DIY version of a toy car ramp made from a baking sheet propped up on a pile of self-help books. It is such a great activity for kids who like toy vehicles because it is super easy (i.e…. Keep Reading →

10 MORE Ways to Play with Toy Cars

Ways to play with toy cars

In the wake of my very popular round-up, 10 Ways to Play with Toy Cars, I am sharing 10 MORE ways to play. Over the last five years of blogging, I’ve documented the funny and clever ways my sons have played with their cars, trucks, buses and trains.  Most of these ideas came out of… Keep Reading →

Transportation… Wednesday?

toy cars in buckets

I know my transportation posts are supposed to be on Tuesdays but it is so rare that all the toy vehicles are off the floor and in their buckets I felt it needed immediate documentation. Are your kids car-train-truck-bus crazy like mine? Check out my Pinterest board dedicated to Toy Vehicle Play.

Old School Parenting (Transportation Tuesday)


Ever have one of those parenting days when the sibling fighting is driving you crazy. Or maybe this happens every day? After listening to my fill of the boys bickering over toy vehicles, I decided to take matters into my own hands with a little old school problem solving and a roll of masking tape…. Keep Reading →

Transportation Tuesday


My kids like to study the NYC subway map. A lot. I’m not kidding.