10 Peanut Butter Sandwich Ideas

creative no-jelly peanut butter sandwich ideas

Packing school lunches every day is the only thing I don’t enjoy about the kids going back to school! I am not very creative when it comes to lunch ideas and last year my kids ate a lot of peanut butter sandwiches. Neither of my boys, however, like jelly. That’s fine with me — I…
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Cookie Alternative: Fig Bar Recipe


Ever since I started making power bars I knew that I wanted to make a version of homemade Fig Newtons, except without the cookie wrapped around the outside. My initial experiments were bland until I discovered that the not-so-secret ingredient in a Fig Newton is orange. These Fig Newton alternatives are not as sweet as…
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Easy, Healthy After School Snacks


I’m gearing up for the start of school and trying to remember my arsenal of snacks for after school. Kiddo is usually ravenous when he gets home. By the state of his half-eaten lunch, I’m guessing he thinks socializing is a substitute for eating. If I don’t give him a substantial snack, he is whining…
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Some Days You Just Need Brownies


Last week, after being caught out in two thunderstorms, we decided to make brownies. Regular readers of this blog may remember that I have been sugar free for two years now (my kids have not), but I am happy to say I only ate one brownie. The benefits of giving up sugar are 1. You…
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Fruit and Herb Salads


Sunday is the day when the boys (+ dad) are supposed to make breakfast without help from Mom. Ha ha ha. Anyway… last Sunday Kiddo decided that we should make fruit salads based on some of the delicious flavors of ice pops we have tried recently at the yummy-scrum People’s Pops. If you live in…
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