Picture Books for Kids

This is a collection of all of my book lists for children that feature our favorite picture books. Book lists are arranged by theme. You will find folktales from around the world, holiday books, wordless book, our best books of the year as well as titles on many other topics. Happy reading!

(Our) Best Books of 2015 (Part 1)

Our family choices for best books of 2015. Part 1.

I haven’t been making as many picture book lists as I used to, although we still do read many, many picture books. I’ve learned that my chapter book lists are more popular with you, and I aim to serve the masses. I’m still quite obsessed with reading as many newly published books as I can…
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16 Picture Books about Women Scientists

Biographies and picture books about women scientists for kids.

Although March is Women’s History Month, I hope you will read these biography picture books about women scientists, as well as the titles on my lists of picture books about women in history with your children all year round.  I have mentioned before that I am very picky when it comes to picture book biographies….
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11 Advanced Concept Math Picture Books

Math picture books that make math fun for 8-12 year olds

Hopefully I’ve been able to show you with this series of math book lists that reading about math can be fun. This final list is the series designed to appeal both to kids who have a particularly affinity for math and to show kids who protest, “I hate math!” that not only is math all around us,…
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Diverse Picture Books: 14 Classics to Have on Your Shelf

Diverse picture books for kids. Classics everyone will love.

The “We Need Diverse Books” campaign is picking up steam and it looks like publishers are indeed making an effort to publish diverse picture books which reflect the multicultural world we live in. But what about classic picture books? There are indeed some wonderful diverse, multicultural books that many of us remember from our childhood. Some of…
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Math Books for Preschoolers

Math books for preschoolers, kids ages 3 to 5.

This list of math books for preschoolers is the second in a series of math book lists I am doing in collaboration with The Measured Mom. Last time I shared math books for babies and toddlers, and although these preschool books are along similar themes of counting, exploring shapes and patterns, the concepts are ever so…
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10 Math Books for Babies and Toddlers

Math books for babies and toddlers that support early learning of patterns and numbers.

My oldest son’s favorite subject is math. From a very early age it was clear that he was drawn to numbers and counting. I encouraged his interest with math themed books and math activities continue to be a major part of our lives. This list of math books for babies and toddlers is the first in…
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14 President Books For Kids (That’ Won’t Put You to Sleep)

14 books about presidents for kids that are actually interesting.

It’s time to put president books for kids on hold at the library. Next month the United States celebrates President’s Day and clever, entertaining picture book biographies are a great way to introduce the politicians who have helped shape our country. The thing is… a lot of presidential biographies are, well…. to be blunt… super boring….
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