Mummenschanz: It’s Great for Kids


It’s that time of year when many families take their kids to a special holiday performance. Often they choose The Nutcracker, A Christmas Carol, or maybe a large-scale Broadway-type show. I would like to suggest something completely different: Mummenschanz. Now in their 40th year, Mummenschanz is a unique and innovative Swiss mime troupe with the…
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Friday Links & Lovely Things {Theater Edition}

Lending Library

Neighborhood Find of the Week: One of the blocks in our neighborhood has this lovely mini lending library. I noticed that one of the residents had contributed a stack of academic theater journals: a theater geek just like me! Theater & Kids Links of the Week: I absolutely love this two part series from New…
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Why You Should Take Your Child to the Theater


MUMMENSCHANZ Around this time of the year many parents decide it’s time for a special treat, they get their child all dressed up, tell him to be on his best behavior and take him out to see an elaborate show: usually The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol, maybe Peter and the Wolf. Sometimes it is…
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