Holiday Books

We love sharing holiday themed books during the year. Here you will find collections of picture books as well as chapter books for older kids as well as books that make great read alouds. Don't see the holiday you are looking for? Send us a note and we'll try to make a list next time the holiday rolls around!

Multicultural Thanksgiving Books for Kids

Thanksgiving books for kids that celebrate contributions from diverse cultures

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to showcase picture books that celebrate the diversity of our country. These multicultural picture books for kids demonstrate how Thanksgiving is not all about Pilgrims and football. It’s very important to me to not just discuss the historical First Feast with my kids but what Thankgiving means to contemporary families…. Keep Reading →

Swedish Christmas and Holiday Picture Books

swedist holiday books

Growing up the grandchild of Swedish immigrants, Swedish illustrated picture books, and especially Swedish Christmas books, were a steady part of my reading diet. This list contains books for kids about Christmas,  St. Lucia Day, which is a festival of light celebration on December 13th, as well as winter-themed books. So go ahead, sit back… Keep Reading →

Holiday Picture Books for Interfaith Kids

kid books christmas hanukkah

Like a growing number of households, we are an interfaith family. I love to see that reality reflected in the picture books I read to my kids. Picture Books for Kids who Celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah Here in the What Do We Do All Day? household we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. You may have… Keep Reading →

Thanksgiving Chapter Books For Kids

Thanksgiving Books For Kids

In addition to your favorite Thanksgiving picture books, try out some Thanksgiving chapter books this year. Here are a few that are great to read aloud and provide the kids an entertainment alternative to football on the big day. All of these are early chapter books, appropriate for ages 5-10.  Most of them contain a… Keep Reading →

17+ Halloween Chapter Books for Kids

Halloween chapter books for kids at a variety of reading levels.

Don’t limit your Halloween themed reading to Picture Books. (But do read the books on our list of Halloween Books about Self-Esteem) Here is a short list of Halloween chapter books for kids at a variety of different reading levels that you and your kids can read together this month. Note: Book titles and covers are… Keep Reading →

Halloween Picture Books About Self-Esteem

Picture books for Halloween that focus on Self-esteem

It must be something about dressing up, the chance to be someone other than yourself, because while looking for Halloween books in the library I chanced upon a common theme in a number of Halloween picture books: self-esteem and finding one’s identity. Are you also looking for chapter books? Try these fun Halloween chapter books…. Keep Reading →

Presidental Reads

Do you read holiday-themed books to your kids? I find that although I honestly don’t make much of an effort to do so, it seems to happen anyway.  Here are three books for kids appropriate for Presidents’ Day which are currently gracing our shelves. (Note: Book covers and titles are affiliate links) If I Were… Keep Reading →

A Few Valentine Books

There is still time to pick up a few Valentine Books at the library. Many of the Valentine Books I came across I felt were a bit…. meh. Plus, I’m just not a very sentimental person. I need irony. Here are three I liked reading aloud. (Note: Book covers and titles are affiliate links)  … Keep Reading →