20 Multicultural Christmas Books for Children

Multicultural Christmas books for kids

Multicultural Christmas books are a great tool to show children how people around the world celebrate the same holiday in different ways. Multicultural children’s books reflect a diversity of characters and traditions and teach kids to see them selves as part of a global world. Kids are naturally curious about different traditions and holiday picture…
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Holiday Picture Books for Interfaith Kids

kid books christmas hanukkah

Like a growing number of households, we are an interfaith family. I love to see that reality reflected in the picture books I read to my kids. Picture Books for Kids who Celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah Here in the What Do We Do All Day? household we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. You may have…
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Christmas Picture Books for Kids


I seem to be doing a lot of book themed posts lately. Are they boring? Probably. But whatever. I keep the holiday books in the closet 11 months out of the year, and bring them out about this time. I have to admit there is a big part of me that gets really excited for…
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