Chapter Books for Kids

In this archive you will find all of our chapter book lists. The chapter books cover a variety of levels, from easy readers to early chapter books as well as middle grade fiction and YA.

Read Aloud Chapter Books for 3rd Graders

Great choices for chapter book read alouds that will appeal to ages 8 and up. 3rd, 4th and 5th graders. Some are good choices for younger siblings, too.

I am calling this a list of “chapter books to read aloud to 3rd graders”, because my older son is 9 years old and is in (you guessed it) third grade. However, the books on this list certainly can be enjoyed by 2nd, 4th and 5th graders, as well as kids older and younger. I… Keep Reading →

Read Aloud Chapter Books for 4 and 5 (and 6) Year Olds

List of 10 great chapter books to read aloud to 4, 5 and 6 (and up!) year olds

My book lists are personal. I have two boys, ages 5 and 9 and I read to them. A lot. I choose their favorite books and I turn them into posts to share with you. I read these chapter books aloud over the past year when my youngest son was 4-turning-5 years old. My older son… Keep Reading →

9 Books for 9 Year Olds

Chapter book list for 9 year old kids

My 9 year old 3rd grader loves books. Simply put, he is a voracious reader. Truthfully, I can’t keep up with him. I love watching his reading progression and seeing him read longer and longer books and so this list of books for 9 year olds is a natural sequel to 8 books for 8 year… Keep Reading →

35 Multicultural Early Chapter Books for Kids

Selection of multicultural chapter books for kids with diverse characters

Recently there has been increased recognition of the paucity of multicultural children’s books. Publishers have been very slowly responding to the public’s demands for more good books with diverse characters but I was able to find some great early chapter books to share with you. The selections on this list feature a diverse group of Latino,… Keep Reading →

Picture Book Biographies about African-American Women (Chapter Books, too)

Biographies of African-American women for children

February is Black History Month and March is Women’s History Month, so I thought it would be fun to combine the two and create a list of picture book biographies about African-American women. I even threw in a few chapter books for good measure. I drew a few of these titles from last year’s picture… Keep Reading →

Top Kids’ Book Lists of 2013 {Chapter Books}

Children's book lists

Regular readers know I share a children’s book list every Monday. I try hard to make these book lists useful for you, making sure I don’t simply include popular books that you already know about and (usually) avoiding themes or topics you can easily search for in your library’s card catalog. It’s so interesting to… Keep Reading →

Winter Chapter Books for Kids

Winter chapter books for kids

Winter themed chapter books make perfect read alouds for the cold weather days ahead. Some of these are books about winter, others simply evoke snowy, frosty landscapes that make you want to snuggle up with a mug of tea. They are the best kind of book to read with your children during the holidays or… Keep Reading →