Game of the Month: Zeus on the Loose

Zeus on the Loose game. Fun family game for math learning.

On a whim this winter, while the kids were stuck inside claiming boredom of the highest degree, I purchased Zeus on the Loose card game. It turned out to be an enormous hit and I love the way it helps my 6 year old practice his math skills. Of course, I had to make it a…
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Game of the Month: S’Quarrels

S'Quarrels is a fun family card game.

S’quarrels was a serendipitous find in an airport bookshop. On our way home from a family vacation we were stranded in an airport for 12 hours and I went in search of a novelty for the kids. I had never heard of this card game before, but S’Quarrels is now a family favorite and was an…
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Math Card Game to Teach Fractions

fraction card game

My oldest son is a math nerd and I’ve previously shared some of the math based card games we play, like Tens Go Fish  and Make Ten.  Last year, my son began to learn about fractions in school. To reinforce his learning and also for fun (because we are nerdy), we’ve been playing a simple…
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Game(s) of the Month: Travel Games

A selection of our favorite games to keep kids buys on car rides and airplane trips.

This month’s games post is a special edition focusing on our favorite travel games. Since I can’t pick just one, you get six recommendations. (Lucky you.) Last month our family flew cross-country for a lovely week on my father’s property in rural Oregon. As I pointed out in last year’s travel games post, I make…
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Game of the Month: Rat-a-Tat Cat

Rat a Tat Cat is a classic card game for kids

Rat-a-Tat Cat is a card game for kids from Gamewright that requires players to use simple strategy, mathematical and memory skills. It has won tons of awards, including the Mensa Select award. I love it when our favorite games are recognized by Mensa because that makes me feel super-smart. I mean, winning obviously proves I’m…
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Game of the Month: Swish {Card Game}

Swish game exercises spatial intelligence

Swish Card Game Our Game of the Month is ThinkFun’s Swish. Long time readers of this blog {bless you!} know that my kids and I love games! Swish is a new favorite of ours.  Swish is a family card game that challenges players’ spatial thinking skills. The rules are easy but even adults will find…
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Game for One


I taught Kiddo how to play Solitaire and now there is no going back. He loves it. Now if he could just learn to shuffle the cards by himself…