Children’s Books about Trying New Things

Books about trying new things for kids

Around this time of year, we all start thinking about the new year. Even if you don’t “do New Year resolutions”, get into the spirit and read a few children’s picture books about trying new things. These picture books will get kids talking about the possibilities of spreading their wings, trying something new, like a… Keep Reading →

Friday Links & Lovely Things {Helping Kids with Grief}

hearts on a wire

Neighborhood Find of the Week: So, you know how you sometimes see shoes tied together and tossed across an overhead street cable? Some lovely person tossed up a pair of hearts. It’s irrational how much affection I have for this person’s act. What a great statement. Parenting Links of the Week: I decided to keep… Keep Reading →

Using Children’s Books to Teach about Empathy and Grief

childrens books about empathy and grief

It’s so hard sometimes to talk to kids about tragedy and how to deal with tough emotions like grief. Picture books can provide a valuable entry point into conversations with young children. In the wake of the awful tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary I decided to delay the book list I had scheduled for today… Keep Reading →