Map Science with a Homemade Compass

Simple geography science activity with a homemade compass. Perfect for just before a trip.

If there’s one thing my older son adores (besides birds), it is maps. Mapping and geography are passions of his so I knew he would love to learn how to make a homemade compass for the super simple summer science camp we are doing with Coffee Cups and Crayons (see below for the activities so far). I… Keep Reading →

Math Art with a Möbius Strip

Math art with a Mobius strip! So fun for kids.

Have you ever made a Möbius strip? We’ve made simple ones before as part of our creative math learning explorations but a little blurb in a math games book inspired my 9 year old math whiz to take the Möbius strip to the next level. In case you don’t know what a Möbius strip is, it’s a one-sided… Keep Reading →

Solar Oven S’mores {Summer Science Camp}

How to make solar s'mores. Two ways.

Welcome to week 2 of DIY summer science camp. Just like last week there is a slight element of failure, but that’s all part of the process, right? That’s what I tell myself anyway. Whenever we go on vacation and have access to some sort of yard, we make s’mores. I know you can make them in… Keep Reading →

14 Children’s Books that Challenge Gender Stereotypes

Children's books that break gender stereotypes. Click through for entire book list.

Books should reflect a diversity of children’s experiences. The picture books on this list challenge gender stereotypes. These titles celebrate the fact that not every child fits into society’s preconceived notion of what it means to be a boy or a girl. I don’t want my kids to grow up feeling limited by their gender. Kids need to know… Keep Reading →

How Failure Teaches Kids to Think Like Scientists

summer science camp blue

This inaugural summer science camp post was supposed to show you how to do a simple science project with your kids: how to lift an ice cube with a string. It has all the great characteristics of an easy experiment: it’s quick, there are no fancy materials, there is a not-too-obvious explanation, etc. However… it turned into… Keep Reading →

Balloon Yo-Yo (Inspired by 101 Kids Activities)

Kids love balloon yoyos

A standard Yo-Yo can be tricky for kids, and nearly impossible for really young kids to learn. These easy-to-make balloon yo-yos on the other hand, are loads of fun and will cause lots of laughter (and maybe a little mayhem). Since we are apartment dwellers, one of the main themes of my blog has been keeping kids busy… Keep Reading →

14 Chapter Books about the Theater

Theater chapter books for kids. Click through for entire list.

I loved reading the theater-themed books for this list!  As I said a few weeks ago, when I shared 12 of my favorite picture books about the theater, our family has made theater an essential part of our lives. I’ve often joked that all my theater training serves me well, now that I spend so much time reading… Keep Reading →

Game of the Month: Ani-gram-it

Ani-gram-it is a brand new science learning card game for kids and families.

I’m so excited about June’s game of the month! I love introducing you to new games that the entire family can enjoy. Ani-gram-it is a brand new card game for kids and families from na2ure that combines science learning, the natural world, and play.  (Disclosure: na2ure sent me a set of game cards for review purposes. All… Keep Reading →

Star Wars Craft: Clone Trooper Paper Dolls

Star Wars craft. Get boys crafting!

How do you get a non-crafty 5 year old boy to start creating? In case the answer isn’t totally obvious, you make a Star Wars craft, of course! In this case, we made Star Wars paper dolls. Or, to be more specific: an army of Clone Trooper paper dolls. This is the first easy craft… Keep Reading →

Circus Coloring Page

Circus coloring page for kids. Free, printable.

This circus coloring page from children’s book author and illustrator, Melanie Hope Greenberg, is her latest contribution to our monthly series of free, printable coloring sheets.  This summer city parade of clowns, elephants and ball-balancing seals will surely bring a few smiles. Free Circus Coloring Page Summer is a fun time to take your kids… Keep Reading →