Books to Inspire Artistic Creativity

Books to inspire kids to make art.

With the advent of my “my kid hates art” series, a list of picture books to inspire artistic creativity seemed like the perfect accompaniment to my mission to get my son to enjoy art just a wee bit. Fortunately, the library shelves are full of books that will inspire creativity in kids. Leave your additions… Keep Reading →

12 Practical Life Activities for Kids

12 practical life activities for kids inspired by Montessori

When my older son was younger I discovered Montessori, and while I never strictly adhered to their activities and lessons, I tried loved the idea behind it and tried to incorporate it into our daily learning. I particularly found practical life activities a wonderful way to purposefully teach kids about “regular life.” The following are some… Keep Reading →

My Kid Hates Art: Tape Project

Project for the child who says "I hate art"

If your child has never told you he “hates art” or that “art is for girls”, consider yourself lucky. I’m embarrassed to say that is exactly what my 5 year old has been saying lately. The “for girls” part is especially annoying! I mean really. Where did he learn that nonsense? So I am on a… Keep Reading →

1970s Children’s Books {Picture Books}

10 classic children's books from the 1970s

This list of 1970s children’s books is meant as the picture book companion to my post about great 1970s chapter book classics that I compiled a few years ago as part of my series, Children’s Classics by the Decade in which I shared favorites from the 20th century. I think it is safe to say all… Keep Reading →

Why I Am Not “Just” A Parent (And Neither Are You)

No one is just a parent.

A few days ago, someone asked me if I used to be a teacher. She had been looking through the blog at some of our learning activities and wondered how I came up with some of the ideas. Since I get this question from time to time, I gave my standard reply, No. I’m just… Keep Reading →

16 Indoor Water Play Ideas for Kids

Indoor water play activities for kids.

My kids absolutely love playing with water. Indoor water play has saved me on many a bad-weather day or when the kids were especially cranky and I needed a quick activity to keep them busy. It’s such a simple concept and it cleans up so easily. (Just make sure you have a towel — or… Keep Reading →

16 Magazines for Kids

16 great magazines for kids. These make terrific gifts.

My kids love getting magazine subscriptions in the mail. I like it too because when I pull out the latest edition of Click or Ladybug from the mailbox I know my kids will be quietly occupied for 30 minutes to an hour.  I’ve written before about why I think magazines are good for kids, and… Keep Reading →

How to Have the Perfect STEM Play Date

Kids love this STEM activity

Play and learning are natural partners. Kids’ activities that promote STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) concepts do not have to be complicated and simple STEM projects are perfect for play dates so friends can learn and play together. One of my older son’s best friends is another boy his age who lives in our building…. Keep Reading →

8 Banned Books Your Kids Should Read

Banned books for kids. Books I loved as a kid and books my children love now.

In celebration of Banned Books Week, I encourage you to read or check out at least one title from this banned books list. I admit, that I do not readily understand the need for parents to censor their child’s reading. Even when my kids enjoy books I hate, I don’t tell them no. I have even… Keep Reading →

8 Ways to Use Poetry to Calm Your Kids and Bring Joy to Your Daily Life

Poetry calms kids and can bring joy to daily life. 8 ideas to try right now.

I am happy to report that our home has experienced an explosion of poetry, a “poetry renaissance”, if you will. Back in April, I started the Poetry Reading Challenge and it would not be an overstatement to say that it changed our lives. As I reflect on how we have infused our daily life with… Keep Reading →