5th Grade Summer Reading List

5th grade summer reading list. Middle grade fiction books.

This 5th grade summer reading list was fun to put together. Middle grade books are my favorite kind of books to read these days and these titles are appropriate for kids ages 8 -12, so they aren’t just for 5th graders, just as last year’s 4th grade summer reading list was not just for 4th…
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How to Make Going to the Library EVEN MORE Fun

Have fun and learn all about your library this summer. Great addition to a summer reading program

When my oldest son was three he told me that the library was one of his favorite places. Well that just warmed my nerdy, intellectual heart. Even now, my two active boys never turn down a trip to the library. In the summer it provides free air conditioning, in the winter there is story time,…
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10 SUPER Easy Rainy Day Crafts

Incredibly easy rainy day crafts for kids.

When the kids want something a little more structured than the usual free play (which is the norm around here) I sometimes encourage them to do art or a simple craft with me. We aren’t the craftiest of folks but we’ve tried this ideas for easy rainy day crafts and they have all been a…
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Superhero Chapter Books for Kids age 6-10

Superhero chapter books for beginning readers ages 6 to 10.

This year’s national summer reading theme is “Every Hero Has a Story”. Now, such a theme is not limited to traditional superheroes, but it seemed like a good time to gather all my superhero chapter book recommendations for early chapter book readers into one place. Some of these books I’ve suggested before, but some new favorites…
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DIY Temporary Tattoos Designed by Kids!

DIY temporary tattoos made from kid artwork.

Is it bragging to say I am in love with this recent project? Don’t you think these kid-designed DIY temporary tattoos would make a unique homemade Mother’s Day gift?  They are fairly easy to make (as if I would do something complicated!) and kids can make them for mom, dad or the grandparents, or maybe even sport…
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Summer Book List for Beginning Readers

Books for beginning readers.

Nurturing beginning readers is a delicate balance of finding the right books and not applying too much pressure! Both of my boys love books but they had very different experiences learning to read. My older child spoiled me by learning to read on his own when he was 3, but my youngest is now 6…
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Poetry Writing Challenge {Week 2}

Weekly poetry writing challenge for kids during National Poetry Month

How did last week’s poetry writing challenge go for you? We were very casual and one evening around the dinner table we made up similes about our day. I had hoped to get the boys to write down their acrostics, but instead we turned them into songs! Let me tell you, my youngest was ecstatic…
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