5 Week Poetry Challenge for National Poetry Month

5 week poetry reading challenge that is perfect for beginners.

Last year, for National Poetry Month, I put together a weekly challenge to get kids and families excited about reading poetry. It was the first time I had truly, intensely and deliberately started reading poetry with my kids. It was a marvelous experience, and poetry has remained a joyful part of our daily life. Rarely…
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Game of the Month: Menu Mash-Up

Menu Mash Up game for families and kids.

I have been remiss in getting up a new post for our game of the month series but I’m finally getting my act together to share a new game we’ve been playing: Menu Mash-Up. (Note: this post contains affiliate links.) Chronicle Books sent us the game, Menu Mash-Up: The Food Game With All the Ingredients…
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14 Inspiring Chapter Books Written in Verse

Chapter books written in verse. Free poetry is a great style for kids to read.

I cannot adequately express how much I enjoyed reading books for this list. There is a marvelous trend in children’s literature these days for chapter books written in verse. I don’t remember reading a single book written entirely poetry when I was a kid but I can name loads of recent titles. Free verse is a…
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Family Literacy: How to Memorize Poetry with Kids

Tips to help you memorize poetry with kids. Great family literacy activity.

[Note from Erica: Last year I intentionally started including poetry in our daily diet of literature. I can’t stress enough how much it has enriched our daily life. I am so delighted that Amy of Sunlit Pages is back this month to share her experience memorizing poetry with her kids. Next month is National Poetry Month, the…
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Compute & Find: A Secret Code Activity for Kids

Secret code activity that can be adapted to the interest of your child.

Want to get your kids to practice math, handwriting, sounding out words, sleuthing and have fun all at the same time? This secret code activity is for you. I’ve been wanting to do secret codes with the kids for a while, and since it fit the bill of this week’s STEAM POWER theme of “compute,” the…
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Superhero Science Activities: Test Your Powers!

Superhero science activities for kids. Match an experiment to a superhero.

My boys love superheroes and I love doing science experiments with the kids so superhero science activities are a match made in heaven. I must admit I feel a bit snobby about comic books, but I try to keep my feelings under wraps. Instead, I harness the boys’ (especially my youngest son, who is obsessed with superheroes)…
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15 Incredibly Easy Drawing Ideas for Kids

Super easy drawing ideas and activities for kids

If you follow this blog, you are probably at one with my philosophy that EASY art projects are the way to go. Lately I have felt compelled to gather together easy drawing ideas to share with my kids. Life around here has been extra crazy lately, and since I find art a calming activity for…
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Super Duper Simple Circuit Science Project

Easy circuit science project perfect for first graders and kindergarteners

This simple circuit science project is perfect for kindergarteners and first graders, but my 10 year old enjoyed it, too.  It is so easy, but still produced a little spark of “wow”. (Like that pun I got in there? “spark”.. electric circuit project… ???…sigh) Experimenting with simple science projects at home is a good way to…
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16 Picture Books about Women Scientists

Biographies and picture books about women scientists for kids.

Although March is Women’s History Month, I hope you will read these biography picture books about women scientists, as well as the titles on my lists of picture books about women in history with your children all year round.  I have mentioned before that I am very picky when it comes to picture book biographies….
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