Chapter Books That Teach Empathy

Chapter books that teach kids empathy and compassion for others.

It could be said that all books teach kids to have compassion for others by helping them understand the lives of others who are different from themselves, which is why making this list of chapter books that teach empathy could include hundreds of books. However, I have grudgingly narrowed it down to eleven and I encourage…
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Cooperative Math Dice Games

Cooperative math dice games for kids. Make math fun.

We acquired a set of Math Dice a few years ago and my son loved playing with them but they have been languishing in the game closet for a while now so I thought it was time to bring them out for our final week of Camp Mathematics. We had quite a good time at the…
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More Favorite Picture Books of 2015 (Part 2)

(Our) best books of 2015. Picture books kids will love.

Time for more of our favorite picture books of the year. I like to make a few of these lists as the year goes on. Primarily because it is an easy way to keep track of my kids’ “best” picture books but also because we have too many favorites to confine to a single list!…
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Fraction Games for Kids

Fun fractions games for kids. Good for visual learners.

My neighbor’s mom is a math tutor and she likes to discuss how “Kids these days just don’t get fractions!” (Be sure to say that in a New York accent.) Whatever the reason, fractions can be difficult to understand. However, after you play these fraction games with your kids, they will have them figured out 100%. Okay,…
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T Puzzle (Boggle Your Mathematical Mind)

T puzzle is a brain teaser that is harder than it looks. Free printable and the solution.

Camp Mathematics is all about exploring math in FUN ways. No worksheets, no drills, no forced memorization of facts. Brain teasers and puzzles are one of my favorite ways to stretch the kids’ minds and they may not even know they are working on their math skills! Sneaking in some out of the box thinking with…
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Explore and Create: Science Art Projects

Find dozens of science art projects for kids

Participating in the STEAM Power Camp series this year has given me a new found appreciation for the marriage of science and art. As you know, I have a special appreciation for math art, but I haven’t always thought of science and art in that way. Well, no more! The artistic beauty of science is…
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Spinning Noise Maker (Science of Sound)

Science experiment for kids. How to make a spinning noise maker.

It’s the final week of STEAM summer camp and we are exploring the world of SOUND today. Since I knew my boys would take delight in making a toy that they could use to annoy one another, a buzzing, spinning noise maker seemed like the perfect science project. But don’t let my kids’ sibling rivalry deter you! These…
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Magic Squares Math Fun

Magic square is a math puzzle game for kids.

If you are like me, you’ve heard of magic squares but you’ve never actually tried your hand at solving one. Since this week’s theme for Camp Mathematics is computing I figured getting my kids to try their hand at a magic square math puzzle would be a good a mathematical recreation activity. After all, my…
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Brain Teaser: Symmetry Paper Trick

Symmetry paper trick. A brain teaser for kids.

Don’t overlook small activities. Small activities can actually lead to big learning. I showed this symmetry paper trick to my 10 year old and he saw the answer right away, but my 6 year old had to watch it several times. He focused, concentrated and kicked his spatial perception into gear. His brain was working! Then,…
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