Mini Sensory Bin Play

Mini sensory bin play for kids

Mini Sensory Bin for Kids Sensory bins are all the rage! If you Google “sensory bins for kids” you will get an enormous variety of ideas: valentine sensory bins, messy sensory bins, birthday sensory bins, the list goes on. It’s enough to overload your … um… senses. (Oh, come on! I had to say that!)… Keep Reading →

Top Indoor Kid Activities of 2012

best kid activites of 2012 badge

Earlier this week I published my top book lists of 2012, and today I am teaming up with other kid activity bloggers to bring you a slew (slew = 100+) of the best kid activities that made their way around the web during 2012. While the very tippy-top post of 2012 was my list of… Keep Reading →

Masking Tape: Bringing Brothers Together


I remember seeing this idea a few years (!) ago on someone’s blog (so sorry I forget whose!) and finally tried it out for a little indoor fun. I covered the opening to our teeny tiny hallway with a crisscross of masking tape. I originally thought the boys would enjoy breaking through it, but they… Keep Reading →

Updated: Giant Indoor Activity List for Kids

Indoor Activities for Kids

So, it’s been a while, but I’ve updated my Giant Indoor Activity List for Kids, which is full of easy, frugal indoor activities you can do with your kids this summer when climate change pushes the mercury above normal and you need to beat the heat. (We won’t mention the irony of turning on the… Keep Reading →

Cellophane Craft: Colored Glasses

Toddler and preschool activity :: make colored glasses out of cellophane

Need a quick distraction or craft for your toddler or preschooler? It’s nothing fancy, but lots of fun. You can easily give your kid a new perspective on the world by fashioning colored viewers. For more quick ideas visit my Indoor Activities for Kids list.  We love cellophane. We’ve used it for window art, to learn… Keep Reading →

Indoor Balloon And Paddle Play


It’s still not cold enough to avoid the playground after school, but it does still get dark early, so while I have been recycling some ideas from my Indoor Activities for Kids list, I also found this great Balloon Tennis at Toddler Approved. Step 1: Make Paddles. I found some plastic plates and taped two… Keep Reading →

Keep Kids Busy with a Magnet Wand


We love using magnets for a little extra-early science learning. Get thee to a hardware store and purchase a telescoping magnetic wand. It’s loads of fun. New Kid cannot stop playing with his. All I do is scatter metal washers all over the floor, sit back and relax! Don’t forget: ALWAYS supervise children when playing… Keep Reading →