Finally, after three years I have garnered enough questions by readers to justify a FAQ page. Okay, maybe some of the questions have only been asked once. But I’m not telling which ones. Got another question? Email me at momandkiddo [at] gmail [dot] com.

Why don’t you have a yard? If you want one, you should move.
You must not be aware of real estate prices in New York City.  In the big city the world is our yard.

How do you come up with your Indoor Activity Ideas?
I read a lot of blogs and a lot of books. Occasionally my brain surprises me with an original idea. Besides, a mom surrounded by crazy boys needs to think on her feet.

Why do you write Transportation Tuesday posts?
I know, they are boring for you. But I love them. And of course, free play is the best idea there is.

Do you have any ideas for me? My kids drive me crazy.
Ummm….. have you seen my Indoor Activities for Kids page? Locking yourself in the bathroom also works.

Your blog is so unfocused.
Oh look! Something shiny.

I left you a comment, but you didn’t respond.
I really love comments, I do! It’s so nice to actually blog to someone. If you left a comment and your profile links to your email*, then I will almost always write back, especially if you ask a question. Sometimes I forget, since after all, I do have 2 small boys. However, if you leave an anonymous comment or a comment which doesn’t link to an email I may not respond. This is only because I don’t know if you will actually see my response. Do you come back to the comments field to check? If you ask a question, I will respond (but give me time….) but if you say something like “thanks for the great idea!”, I will probably just let it go. If you leave a nasty comment, I will delete it. If you want to convince me of something, you won’t do it by being mean. That is a good rule for life, by the way. But leave me comments! I love them.

*It is the easiest thing in the world to set this up, and you don’t have to compromise your privacy. Read this post. You can set up an anonymous email (like I did, or did you think momandkiddo was my real name?) and your email won’t be visible to spammers. Open ID works too, especially if you have a blog that is not on the blogger platform.

Will you link to me?
Maybe. I try to keep the blogroll on my homepage short. But if you have a link to me on your webpage or blog, I will absolutely include you on my Links page. Just be sure to let me know by sending me an email. 

I gave you an award. You didn’t mention it on your blog, what gives?
I know, I know. I love that you love me. I love that you gave me an award. I do. But I have a complex. When I was a kid, I was always the one to stop the chain letter. Perhaps that’s why I have such bad luck.

Are you on Twitter or Facebook?
I am on Twitter, you can find me here. But Mom and Kiddo/What Do We Do All Day? is not  now on Facebook here, and I have no plans to be. But remember, you can always subscribe to this blog in a blog reader. You can also find me on Google +.

Why don’t you use your real names or show faces of your boys? They must be cute.
Why yes, yes they are. The cutest. However, I like to respect their privacy. When they get older I don’t want their peers Google-ing their names and discovering how their mom has spilled the beans about how annoying cute they are.

Do you make money from your blog?
This blog runs BlogHer advertising, but I won’t quit my day job. Very rarely I receive a book or other item to review, but I will tell you when that is the case.  I am very picky about the offers I get. I am an Amazon Associate (who isn’t?), but the amount of commission I have received over the last few years has been very small.

I wish you did more giveaways.
It’s so sweet that you want me to give you free stuff. Very rarely I will do a giveaway (mostly for books). However, I don’t believe that we should be accumulating a lot of stuff and so I can’t promote products by doing lots of giveaways for junk. There are plenty of sites that do giveaways.

Can I advertise on your blog?
Right now I don’t accept non BlogHer advertising because I feel it would open a whole new can of worms for me to deal with. I have enough to deal with. The simple fact is that I am an amateur blogger. If I change my mind, I’ll let you know.